Blacksite Demo 2 Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

Blacksite Demo 2 is out on Xbox Live Marketplace and the demo is 988.11 MB MB it is not available in India and it is rated T for Teen and here is some information about the demo: Battle against a strange insurgency through the streets and backyards of a small American town crawling with alien life.

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predator4046d ago

ill give this a try when i get home, download while watching the footy tonight

lawman11084046d ago

This is a new one? I liked the 1st sad to hear the game stinks. I was looking forward to SOF payback too but I hear that one stinks too.

ddldave4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

just got done downloading, i played this game and it was actually decent, it's not underperformed like one of the reviews said. it's not as good as call of duty 4 or halo 3 but it's still good.

i rate the demo 8.2 out of 10.

hydrog4046d ago

I promise you your opinion will change once you've played through the first half of the game.

If they left it in the cooker for another 6 months and left co-op in, it MIGHT have had a chance to be good... but as it is, it's painfully awful.

Noodlecup4046d ago

Great, an imitation of a crap game (halo) I bet the multiplayer is as bad as the singleplayer is.

hydrog4046d ago

This game is beyond awful. I can't believe they're charging $60 for this POS. I rented it and still felt raped out of my $7...

You're appreciation for quality games like CoD, Halo, Bioshock, ME, AC will skyrocket because $60 for these games is more than worth it.

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