The PSP is not a failure

Some say the PSP is failure compared to the DS. Would a failure have sold over 71 million consoles worldwide? Would a failure have some of the best handheld RPGS a gamer could get? The PSP is still one of the better portable media and region free gaming devices on the market and best of all, its so affordable.

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kube002286d ago

They are so cheap right now $75 or less on ebay

caseh2286d ago

Sounds about right, I sold mine on feebay for £50 which would be about $75. :D

Put about 100 hours into Initial D: Street Stage but couldn't find an RPG that was worth investing much time into.

All in all it was a decent handheld.

djcitizend2286d ago

Im not sure the PSP was ever deemed a failure, it was just always 2nd fiddle to Nintendo handhelds (until Nintendo shit out the 3DS). It had a lot of amazing games for those who didn't want to play Mario games.

ronin4life2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

So did the ds.
I'm going through a major rpg marathon this week. And all the games are for the 3ds.
Edit-Ugh, ds. DS. Not 3ds.

Venox20082286d ago

actually DS had aaaaloooot games that weren't mario, kirby or other ninty mascot

imoutofthecontest2286d ago

My most-played system of the last year.

Relientk772286d ago

It sold over 71 millon units, and millions of games along with that. Doesn't sound like a failure to me.

GribbleGrunger2286d ago

it was never a failure the media just wanted us to believe that. and quite honestly thousands of people did

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The story is too old to be commented.