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The PSP is not a failure

Some say the PSP is failure compared to the DS. Would a failure have sold over 71 million consoles worldwide? Would a failure have some of the best handheld RPGS a gamer could get? The PSP is still one of the better portable media and region free gaming devices on the market and best of all, its so affordable. (Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection., God of War: Ghost of Sparta, LocoRoco, LocoRoco 2, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Portable, Power Stone Collection, PSP, Sony, Tekken 6)

kube00  +   1285d ago
They are so cheap right now $75 or less on ebay
caseh  +   1285d ago
Sounds about right, I sold mine on feebay for £50 which would be about $75. :D

Put about 100 hours into Initial D: Street Stage but couldn't find an RPG that was worth investing much time into.

All in all it was a decent handheld.
djcitizend  +   1285d ago
Im not sure the PSP was ever deemed a failure, it was just always 2nd fiddle to Nintendo handhelds (until Nintendo shit out the 3DS). It had a lot of amazing games for those who didn't want to play Mario games.
ronin4life  +   1285d ago
So did the ds.
I'm going through a major rpg marathon this week. And all the games are for the 3ds.
Edit-Ugh, ds. DS. Not 3ds.
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Venox2008  +   1285d ago
actually DS had aaaaloooot games that weren't mario, kirby or other ninty mascot
imoutofthecontest  +   1285d ago
My most-played system of the last year.
Relientk77  +   1285d ago
It sold over 71 millon units, and millions of games along with that. Doesn't sound like a failure to me.
GribbleGrunger  +   1285d ago
it was never a failure the media just wanted us to believe that. and quite honestly thousands of people did
user858621  +   1285d ago
It failed because the software sales didnt make up for the huge install base the psp had

Peace walker only sold 0.8m in the west... seriously?
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dragon82  +   1285d ago
The low software sales are due to piracy. Plain and simple.
djcitizend  +   1285d ago
The only failure it had, was the UMD movies. Screw paying $40 for a movie on a little screen.
kube00  +   1285d ago
There are other ways to get it
Tanir  +   1285d ago
psp is my fav hand held, it has so maby great jrpgs on it, its really where you have to go if you want jrpgs this gen, ofcourse the ds has some too, but psp jrpgs were more like ps2 jrpgs
ronin4life  +   1285d ago
It has a few. Alot if you import from Japan. But if you know about both the ds and psp libraries in more detail, the ds has even more, and more importantly, alot of them are really good.
That being said, I'm actually really looking forward to Fate/Extra on PSP this year.
Tanir  +   1285d ago
waiting for fate/extra aswell, the fate unlimited blade works movie was epic.

but anyhow, i think it had alot, i have over 25 games, not counting what my 2 of my brothers have.

I have a dsi, played valkyrie profile covenant of the plume on it, super robot taisen OG saga, world ends with you........damn i think that was it actually -_-.

wasnt that many games i wanted.

last year i played so many psp games it was ridiculous, mostly from square actually and oddly. great games, and cant wait for ff type 0
ronin4life  +   1285d ago
You should try golden sun dark dawn and FF Four heroes of light on ds if you can.(or look them up)
Inception  +   1285d ago
@ronin4life & Tanir
bubbles + guys ^^
i'm waiting for Fate/Extra too
ronin4life  +   1285d ago
I wouldn't call the psp a failure. The only thing it "failed" at was destroying the Nintendo
handheld competition like Sony claimed it would (or could).
When compared to the success of the ds, it was decimated. But what it accomplished on its own couldn't be deemed a failure.
It's not my favorite console, but it is a decent one at the very least. And for some it is and will always be an incredible console. That very fact proves it is not a failure.
hot111  +   1285d ago
PSP software sold like shit in US,Europe.Software wise it's a failure in the West...no point in denying that,developers are well aware of that

Hardware wise...it sold well
Although large part of that can be contributed to hacking and to people buying it over and over(1000,2000,3000).Sony bundling with various devices plays a big role too.

In short,PSP has a really really bad rep among Western devs.
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Ddouble  +   1285d ago
Piracy had a huge part to do with the weak software sales.

Take Dissidia the most pirated PSP game. Sold 2 million but it has 5 million torrent downloads. 5 Million! and thats just torrents, not to talk of warez sites.

Even If only half of the people who downloaded it bought it, it would have sold 4.5 Million copies.
GraveLord  +   1285d ago
The PSP sold great in its first few years worldwide. But piracy killed it in America and in Europe.

I guess the worst part about it is that it had no real "killer app". That's the main reason for the huge decline in sales.
contra157  +   1285d ago
the classics library is countless . amazing system , best handheld since GameBoy!
Inception  +   1285d ago
Still playing this baby ^^
and i can't wait for Fate/Extra, Corpse Party, FF Type-0, Grand Knight History, TitS 2nd chap, new Suikoden, etc
tiffac008  +   1285d ago
^ This
I just got Persona 2, waiting Fate/Extra to be released, waiting for Type-0 localization and I'm hoping that the new Suikoden and God Eater 2 gets localized as well.
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