Undertow Is Out On Xbox Live Arcade

Undertow is out on Xbox Live Arcade and the game will cost you 800 Microsoft Points and the game is 48.71 MB it is not available in India and it is rated E10+ for EVERYONE 10+ and here is some information about the game: Undertow is a fast-paced action-shooter that sends you underwater as you battle up to 16 players for control of the oceans! Non-stop conquest-style battles push the envelope of onscreen effects and combat action and boast some of the most stunning graphics ever seen in an Xbox Live Arcade title. Combat control undertow features relentless high-speed combat with simple and intuitive controls. Visual style the incredible next-gen graphics resonate with a vibrant underwater visual style. Multiplayer matches undertow features 16-player multiplayer battles and two-player co-op modes. Races and upgrades the game includes three different playable races, each with four unique upgradeable units. Single-player campaign the 15-level single player campaign has a compelling story told through cutscenes.

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Will check it out this afternoon