Modern Warfare 3 dev apologises for Battlefield 3 beta “bugs” comment

Glen Schofield has offered his “deepest apologies” for comments he made yesterday regarding “bugs” and the Battlefield 3 beta, with the Modern Warfare 3 dev saying that he has been in exactly the same place as a developer that DICE are right now with Frostbite 2.

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iamnsuperman2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

These people really shouldn't have their own twitter account but a company controlled one. They must know everything they say is scrutinised. It wasn't a bad comment but was a little unnecessary

Septic2495d ago

"Bad day yesterday. My deepest apologies 4 bugs comment. I know about new engines, been there a dozen times. No disrespect intended."

Fair enough he apologised but the bit that shocks me is this:

"I know about new engines"


Activision will have their sniper scopes set on him now because they'll be like:

"Owww hell no- you sure as hell aint been workin for us if you know about new engines! Cleutus- get momma's twelve gauge- this damn rabscallian dog gone n' got himself a pretty nasty mouth- messin wid dem other folk"

- OT question: Do protein shakes induce insanity?

JellyJelly2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Glen Schofield created Dead Space and Dantes Inferno before working with COD. Maybe it's one of those engines (if it's not the same) he was referring to?

"Do protein shakes induce insanity?" - No more than a glass of milk. Unless you mix the whey protein with LSD and crystal meth. ;p

Septic2495d ago

AH fair enough, I stand corrected. You've just reminded me to get Dead Space 1 and 2.

OnT- Why was he having a bad day at the XP event? Personal stuff or game related? Who knows eh?

My money is on him realising that 90% of the people who attended COD XP were underage and had to be accompanied by parents. I think he also realised that all the trouble they went into at IW to add weapons and balance stats were ultimately wasted because everyone picked a sniper and cranked the sensitivity to 1jillion %.

Jelly man- I missed breakfast (I know, my bad) and just had a protein shake....I feel sick.

evrfighter2495d ago

he made his comments with the intent to apologize today.

master business trolling 101. But most of you will be fooled by it.

GraveLord2494d ago

The guy that said that is part of Sledgehammer Games. He's worked on Dead Space before working on MW3. I think he knows a thing or two about new engines....

guitarded772494d ago

Hey, hey, hey now... he could have been referring to Modern Warfare 2.

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StanSmith2495d ago

I think Mr Schofield's comment was totally justified. After all the crap EA & Dice have given over the past 6 months, attacking the COD franchise, i think his comment was well deserved.

As much as i now hate COD for it's repetitiveness, EA & Dice have turned me off from buying B3. History tells us when a developer is mouthing off like EA & Dice have been, the game they are mouthing off about tend to be not that good.

I predict a massive s**tstorm when b3 releases. I can see it being full of bugs and just not a great game. Hype is selling these two franchises, nothing else.

iamnsuperman2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

You have a valid point about EA mouthing off. I find it is less about DICE and more about EA. EA have said some disgraceful things. Telling the opposition they should rot from the core is really unprofessional. Its not a good image they are showing what the game industry is like.

caseh2495d ago

'Hype is selling these two franchises, nothing else.'

Its not hype thats selling them in most instances, its past success of the franchise.

I've already opted for BF3 this time around as I enjoyed BF1942 and BF1943 (Skipped over Bad Comapny due to other games) and absolutely loved the Beta so i'm already sold.

All this horseshit about its having loads of bugs etc, every game I play these days has bugs and exploits. Its just because these games are so anticipated that people create new articles like '87 reasons why CoD cannot beat BF3' or '17 reasons why my box art is better than yours'. Its kinda pathetic really.

radphil2495d ago


Where did you see Dice mouthing off against Sledgehammer?

chriski3332495d ago Show
MrSent2495d ago

He's been there a "dozen" times, yet never heard of the Battlefield Series. Turd burglar.

Trunkz Jr2495d ago

New Engine = many bugs, duh.

Their using the same engine over and over and they still release the game with bugs and glitches people take advantage of.

GraveLord2494d ago

Stay mad bro.
Any bugs or glitches in MW3 will pale in comparison to the shitstorm the BF3 beta was.

MarkusMcNugen2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


True, but just like Trunkz Jr. said, at least the bugs are from a newly built engine. Instead of being bugs from a rehash of the same engine with tweaks.

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Wizziokid2495d ago

shouldn't slate a game for issues when past COD titles are a key example of why beta's are needed.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2495d ago

Funny thing is, this guy was from EA's Virscel studio. And this is his first Call of Duty game, so you can't really put the past CoD games bugginess stigma on him, he had nothing to do with it until this game.

vikingland12495d ago

I have 2 questions. 1 how bad ( buggy ) was the beta? 2 Can the bugs be fixed by realese time? I didn't play it so I have no idea.

sublIME2s2495d ago

It was a bit buggy. But DICE already said they were fixing every bug for it's release date. So I believe them, it's nothing that can't be fixed!

Motorola2495d ago

The beta was super buggy on PC, but none of those issues will be in the full release.

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Ninjamonkey822495d ago

Am I the only one that thinks betas are meant to be buggy :D ive been on enough of them to know this convo is just retarded lol :D. Difference between an alpha and a beta and a Demo are big things.

Betas are not in place to sell a games though of late some marketing has made it seem that way. Sooner people release this the better seems this issue here is among the console community.

Any one with a little sense knows better. Wait for the full release if theres issues then, Im sure the complaints will role. Tbh if there wasn't issues im sure some trolls will still find something to complain about. ;)

Btw i enoughed the console beta aswell. I loved the PC version but my graphics card allowed for that but ether way im acclimated to a ps3 and xbox360 controller aswell and i had fun with either beta. I expect the bugs in a beta.

radphil2495d ago

"Am I the only one that thinks betas are meant to be buggy :D"

I'd be hesitant to say no given with the responses of people thinking that a beta is now suddenly the final representation of the game, even after that big BOLD statement before playing that says "THIS IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF THE FINAL GAME". :p

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