Batman: Arkham City DLC Being Sold on Ebay

"Tired of all the sales people in Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, Blockbuster, and all the other video game stores trying to sell you on additional DLC the same day you bought Batman: Arkham City? Well, it seems there is an easier and cheaper way to get that DLC." - JPS

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Brownghost2409d ago

thats what everybody does. On ebay people were selling their savage kantus skins and recon armor codes on ebat for $20 and people bought them

ReservoirDog3162409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Yeah, at this point it's common practice.

Haha, but, time for somewhat shamed self advertising. I wasn't planning on buying Batman AC (can't afford it). But I preordered it on amazon months ago and forgot. Now yesterday I get an email saying it shipped from amazon. So I didn't wanna wait 2 weeks for amazon to refund me so I put it up on ebay with the amazon exclusive comic book and I threw in my Batman graphic novel book by Frank Miller.

So, if that sounds good to anybody, you know, here it is:

Don't mean for it to be spam or anything. Just got stuck in a bad situation cause I was stupid.

edit: @ above

Haha, also, I thought it was funny that you said ebat. Seems fitting.

Brownghost2409d ago

Saw your ad, disappointed that it's ps3 version. Lol just noticed the eBay typo

SITH2409d ago

Cheaper! Lol I sell extra DLC codes and free avatar items all the time on ebay and I don't sell them cheaper.

Drazz2409d ago

yup i made 15 on my savage kantus. I almost always sell my preorder dlc.

SwampCroc2409d ago

i'll give someone my Gotham Night movie code... because it is on Flixster and I don't have an account and I don't feel like really making one to redeem the code...

so if someone wants it I'll give it to you.

SwampCroc2409d ago

I've already give it out.. the first guy ended up not wanting it because he didn't see me mention the account..

and another dude PM'ed me right after.. So I sent it to him also... I told him to get back at me to confirm it worked... if he doesn't here it the next couple minutes.. I'll send it to you so you can try.

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