Microsoft Takes A Shot At The Wii In New Dance Central 2 Ad

Microsoft Takes A Shot At The Wii In New Dance Central 2 Ad

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Tarantino_Life2224d ago

Nice competition! I wonder with which device you can shake your ass better in front of the television.Gaming seems so much more mature seeing these kind of games and ads. God bless America and Microsoft. LMAO!!

egidem2224d ago

Let's hope this motion control phase wears off and the industry moves on to something else. This doesn't seem to be the case for Microsoft though.

My roommate bought a Kinect 2 weeks ago and at first he thought he'd never stop having that much fun. Fast forward to today, and he's bored with the thing, doesn't know what to do with it and wonders why he even bought one in the first place!

EasilyTheBest2224d ago

I bought Kinect for my son. I wasnt interested in it at all. Funny thing is, I cant get enough of it now, I love it. Tell your mate to buy some new games.
Try Rise of Nightmares, its great my fav game on Kinect since Kinect Sports and Eden. Dont go by the reviews, Im glad I didnt...

egidem2224d ago

@EasilyTheBest -

He has tried Rise of Nightmares. It was fun for a while, then he just had trouble controlling the onscreen character and such.

I've also tried Kinect. It was fun, but only for a few hours. After that I just picked up a controller and jumped in a BFBC2 multiplayer game. I'm a controller type of person. As cool as Kinect is, it's not my thing.

Plus it feels weird (to me) standing in front of the screen waving empty hands around trying to kill zombies. The same onscreen effect can easily be replicated (even better and faster) with a controller.

candystop2224d ago

I have many games that bore me with a controller. When better games come out for Kinect I'm sure he will have fun with them as well. Trying to say it's nothing more than quick fad sounds like someone simply trying to troll.

EVILDEAD3602222d ago

LOL @ the dig at the Wii. The funny part is it is SO true.

Dance Central just like Guitar Hero changed everything for that genre.

That game and Kinect Sports were easily two the biggest reason I had the best impromtu parties and get togethers all year long.

I've said it before, until you witness Dance Central at a big club with hot girls competing and killing it like the ad, you won't have a clue at how much that game (and Kinect) have started to infiltrate our culture.

I saw this on an overseas road trip and was blown away.

Either way DC2 is a must-buy for me. Just Dance on Wii got


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Pyscho_Mantis2224d ago

lololol no....this is pathetic if you think people actually go to house parties to play kinect then....I cant even say it with a straight face. Kinect will never be as popular as the wii and motion controllers are mature in anyway.

mendicant2224d ago

It's very telling that you got four disagrees for that. I wonder if it's because you said "God bless America" or something nice about MS. This is N4G.

Wh15ky2223d ago

OK! now I'm lost!

I can sense the blatantly obvious sarcasm in Tarantino_lifes comment but I can't tell if you're being sarcastic aswell or if you're actually being serious???

Nes_Daze2224d ago

I think it's the part where he saids "gaming seems so much more mature" and how he somehow connects that with the U.S. and Microsoft....those don't match

Bleach2224d ago

Why is it when Microsoft take shots at it's competitors, they always manage to do it with no class.

PimpDaddy2224d ago

I have played both. They made a direct comparison. Since when is competition between 2 competitors supposed to be about class?

I swear people on N4G will find any reason to piss an moan about Microsoft.

On Topic: I had a lot of fun playing Dance Central with my kids. Contrary to popular belief on N4G. Kinect is actually a good alternative way to play games. Plus 360 owners still get access to so called "core" games. WINNING

optimus2224d ago

I guess the "kids" in here forgot about the funny yet "classless" ads that sega did throughout the late 80-90's against nintendo..."Sega does what nintendon't" was their campaign for years. There are simply a lot of microsoft haters in here.

Bleach2223d ago

If you take a shot at your competitors you try and do it with a bit of class and dignity as to make sure it doesn't come across spiteful or nasty.

Im not going to waste anymore time replying to your idiocy.

DiRtY2224d ago

Pew Pew Pew has class?
PS Move this changes everything ... fast forward to today it is irrelevant.

Motion Controls are here to stay and that is great thing. I love Gears and I will buy Dance Central 2. Some people seem to have a problem with that.

optimus2224d ago

As for people feeling bored with kinect, the same can be said about the wii and the move. I'll admit I don't use it much due to the lack of games but all that is about to change in the coming months. Considering what people have been able to do with it at the early stages (check youtube), it has massive potential for some amazing games and applications. Be patient people.

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