Rumour Mill: Duke Nukem Forever, Shane Kim, Crysis PS360, Tony Hawk's X

Welcome to the Rumour Mill, where (formerly known as Pro-G) runs down the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry. Every week hunts down the juiciest stories and give plausibility ratings on how legit they are. So, whether you want the ridiculous or the plausible, read on for:

• Duke Nukem Forever release in 2008
• Leading exec leaving Microsoft
• Crysis incoming for Xbox 360 and PS3
• Next Tony Hawk title to feature major control overhaul

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Close_Second4016d ago

...I don't own a gaming PC but do we really want a lesser release of Crysis on the PS3 or 360?

Crysis is at its best with 512MB+ dedicated graphics memory. Last time I checked neither the 360 or PS3 could pull that off. Basically means something would have to be sacrificed to make it work.

BloodySinner4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Not all of us can afford a gaming PC. Let alone, run the damn thing on our PCs!

KDash4016d ago

should be no problem for the "CELL"...

Close_Second4016d ago

So, you saying the Cell has built in, dedicated graphics RAM?

The Cell might be able to crunch some pretty impressive numbers but give me a top end PC with a 1GB graphics card any day of the week for playing games.

Are you really saying that the graphics card in the PS3 can outperform a top end PC graphics card????

myxomatosis4016d ago

The cell, at just over 4.0 GHtz would be able to handle any of the CPU operations that crysis would demand at full settings. But thats not the problem, the RXS graphics chip doesnt have enough memory nor does it run fast enough for crysis full settings. what ever though, they can still code it to look great on either consoles!

Skerj4016d ago

Lmao Duke Nukem Forever in 2008? I can't believe someone's banking on that.

Douchebaggery4016d ago

do people even care about the Duke anymore?

Skerj4016d ago

No hah, his main draw and characteristics have been done to death since his last official outing. I find it very difficult to believe that Broussard and 3D Realms can create a game good enough to justify a 10 year development cycle. Then again stranger things have happened but I'm thinking something in the vein of Daikatana here.

iNcRiMiNaTi4016d ago

lol...i can see a SKATE ripoff already

zonetrooper54016d ago

Tony Hawks is still old hat and I have no idea why the reviewers gave it a better score then Skate. God, Skate kicks TW's ass.

As for MS Exec leaving = I DON'T CARE.


As for Crysis, get a PC to play the game. Damn great game it is.

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