Logitech Announces Official MW3 Gaming Devices

Logitech has announced today, two new official products made specifically for the launch of the next Call of Duty title.

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TheBeast2197d ago

The keyboard looks sick, not gonna lie.

lorianguy2196d ago

I thought the picture was a router. A FREAKIN' MW3 ROUTER?!
I'd buy that.

GamersRulz2196d ago

Yeah, when I saw it I was like what the hell is this ? anyway it's kinda pricey but Logitech products are of high quality and worth every $$.

meetajhu2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Even with their router u will experience lag in MW3

lugia 40002196d ago

DICE goes razor
Sledgehammer goes logitech.


Shackdaddy8362196d ago

I prefer Razor products myself(unrelated to my love of BF)

limewax2196d ago

I have one Razer product and one Logitech product. The Razer product was the same price and is considerably better quality. Not that Logitech are in any way bad

Triggs2196d ago

They're just reskinned G9x mouse and G110 keyboard only.

Had the G110 only for a month and it crapped out on me, probably because of a bad pick from the shelf on my part.

Somebody2196d ago

I tried to order a Saitek RAT 7 mouse several years back from a local online store. I waited for two months for something that usually take less one. The store emailed me that their supplier was unable to acquire the mouse. They gave back my money.

A month later CoD MW2 came out and there was a lot of official gaming devices along with it. One, to my surprise, was the exact mouse I tried to order. My shop has it but it's twice the price as the original Saitek mouse.

The spec between the original and the MW2 version are identical. Except for the MW2 logo on it. Apparently the MW2 logo alone cost the same as the mouse.

I ignored it and the wireless RAT 9 became available soon after and it still cost less than the MW2 mouse.