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Modern Warfare 3 dev responds to Battlefield 3 beta

“I surely didn’t see bugs like I saw elsewhere” when Modern Warfare 3 was shown at Call of Duty XP, says Glen Schofield when asked why they only needed 1000 people to play their game compared to the 8 million participants in the Battlefield 3 beta. Plus further news on whether Modern Warfare 3 PC dedicated servers will be ranked. (Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Glen Schofield, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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HK6  +   1296d ago
You didn't see bugs like that because you didn't have a Beta. I am sure you will see bugs like that in the final release build of MW3 though.
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Trunkz Jr  +   1296d ago
lol they talk the talk but like every CoD release you see all these people using glitches to get all these kills while in battlefield it's usually a balance fix and the odd bug or features that need to be added/fixed.

So many people play CoD but they feel they don't need to do a large stress test? Enjoy the lag fest on launch day MW3 buyers ^^
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deadpoole  +   1296d ago | Well said
Why Modern Warfare 3 doesn't need ppl more than 1000.

1. Same Engine, nothing new just more desaturated and thats it.
2. Same Development tools
3. No dedicated servers for Consoles (just like before)
4. Expected huge launch day failure, just like modern warfare 2 launch day (not able to connect any MW2 game over PSN).
5. Hacks Gamesave hacks, which will ruin the games for players by automatic ranking and unlocking all weapons.

whereas Battlefield 3.

1. New Engine.
2. New tools.
3. Dedicated servers for consoles and PC.
4. Takes feedback from gamers and considers it.
5. Free DLC = 4 Maps offered by DICE (which MW3 otherwise will charge 15.00 quids).
6. Free Battlefield 1943 game on PS3.

Most important of all DICE isn't as greedy as like some perticular developer.
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gamingdroid  +   1296d ago
1. New Engine. -> Didn't see anything special with the graphics at all. In fact, the pop-in was jarring. Wow, there are stairs in front of me?
2. New tools. -> Ok?
3. Dedicated servers for consoles and PC. -> This is always nice! Gears 3 rocked on dedis, but source for this or is it common knowledge I missed?
4. Takes feedback from gamers and considers it. -> What possible feedback could Dice get from the beta? It was a glitch fest so the value is very limited especially 4 weeks to launch.
5. Free DLC = 4 Maps offered by DICE (which MW3 otherwise will charge 15.00 quids). -> Which Dice cut out of the game? BF3 has 9 maps + 4 BF2 maps. MW3 has 16 maps, not sure about the number of older maps included. I would say it is a draw, because BF3 maps are bigger.
6. Free Battlefield 1943 game on PS3. -> That is nice for PS3 owners, but what about the Xbox 360 owners?

Dedicated server would be nice, and a little extra changes would be nice too for MW3, but let's face it BF3 is actually more similar to MW3 than people think. I'm certain BF4 will just be more of the same, just like MW4.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1296d ago
Oh snap..Sledge took a 'shot' back after an entire year of shots that EA and Dice took on MW3.

But watch the comment section when they get a lil taste of their own medicine.

Pulls out popcorn..this won't be good.

edit @ gamingdoid

'Free Battlefield 1943 game on PS3. -> That is nice for PS3 owners, but what about the Xbox 360 owners'

By the time Battlefield 3 is released we will have been playing Battlefied 1943 on Xbox live for almost TWO and a half years. There is a reason it's free.

Now Dead Space extraction? That was a cool PS3 bundle.

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aksmashh  +   1296d ago
They probably already know its going f up on release day.

I'm not really interested in betas anymore but
COD MW beta was amazing tho, before that rainbow six used to be the king
Shackdaddy836  +   1296d ago

1.) Here's PS3 gameplay after beta: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
If you look at the oil fields map for PS3(there's like 1 video), you will see absolutely no pop-in and a very long draw distance. The beta was not a demonstration of their game by any means. They used a very very old build and were just testing their servers out. I mean, they didn't even have full terrain destruction on...

2.) New dev tools means better features in a game. It's not that important to people who play games though so I agree...

3.) We are getting dedis. It's actually why we even had the beta - to test the new infrastructure they're using.

4.) The addition of commo rose for the final game is something from the players. Also very specific weapon adjustments were taken from complaints from the beta.

5.) True but DICE does expansion packs too for ~$15 which includes new everything(weapons, classes, vehicles, maps). Just look at the spec ops expansion pack for BF2. It was a completely different game.

6.) Nothing, unfortunately, so I agree with you. But that's just how EA rolls... Plus we already have 1943 so it's not that big of a deal.
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deadpoole  +   1296d ago | Well said

1. I believe you don't fully understand what game engine is ... game engine is not just about graphics, its about sound, AI, character animation, gameplay mechanics and physics etc. so yea, you have to think about game engine in broader perspective, that'll help you understand, why it is new.

2. New tools > Example, motion capture technology used for movement, prone etc.

3. Use google (by writing simple search terms you'll get answer) ... I can't offer ya everything on silver platter.

4. Well, you have to visit official battlefield 3 forum to understand and realize whats goin on with feedback consideration from gamers now and in past.

5. Sheer size of one Battlefield 3 Map is enough to fit 16 MW3 constrictive maps and there are 9 Maps + 4 DLC in total BF3 ... do the math. If every MCom station location which is different compared to previous MCOM station location environment (Example Operation MEtro: Outdoor, Subway and City) location counts then 3 (Average MCOM Numbers) * 9 maps = 27 Maps ... which is almost twice of what MW3 is offering and wins hands down.

6. Free Game with it ... atleast DICE is utilizing the free available disc space on Bluray for PS3, can't do anything because of limited disc space... what MW3 is offering or utilizing free available disc space ... Nothing.

So being misinformed and having little knowledge about the product doesn't make product bad but it is individuals loss who failed to gather information and missed out on the great product.
jbiz330  +   1296d ago
It annoys me to all hell when i hear people like deadpoole talk about whether or not a company is "greedy".. ALL company's are greedy you doofus, you really wont be in business long if your not to some degree..
davekaos  +   1296d ago
@ Deadpool, i was going to say the exact same thing. caspian border is bigger than the entire map collection of MW2 and id bet good money that it will be bigger than the entire collection of MW3.

Also @gamingdroid, you bang on about the graphics yet i dont see the devs of cod making any improvements at all. if anything i though MW2 and blackops were poorer compaired to COD4. Not only that but COD itself is a DX9 game and i bet the best devs out there would have been able to take the game and easily make it playable on the ps2 and xbox.
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Drabent  +   1296d ago
Mikeyy  +   1296d ago

Umm, Ive had Battlefield 1943 for 2 1/2 years on PS3 also...

Didnt know if you realised that?
Biggest  +   1296d ago
Didn't it come free with Bad Company 2 as well?
da_2pacalypse  +   1296d ago
What a cheap shot.... lol i think the reason for the numbers is due to the fact that call of duty is a shallow shallow experience that is for the douchebags
GezForce  +   1296d ago
yep... could never get seriously into COD due to their peer to peer crap connection. with the amount of money this franchise makes you'd think there would be server support by now. i'm sorry cod fans but i dont find it particularly fun playing on a red bar. im from australia and alot of my friends are from usa. when i join their game the amount of lag is inexcusable at best.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1296d ago
*in droopy the dogs voice*

"We dont need everyone to come to our party.

us 10 guys can have fun on our own."

*Passes lube*

"we'll let you know how the "tests" turn out"

Heartnet  +   1295d ago
Dunno why some people keep going on about how its using the same engine when plenty of games and i mean plenty use the same engine (Unreal) which hasnt evolved in quite a while...

People just hating on CoD :)
xYLeinen  +   1296d ago
Think there is a limit of how many bugs you can have in MW3 since it's the third game in the series utilizing the same engine.

As far as I know there are no entirely new mechanics etc. compared to what BF3 brings with their new engine. DICE potentially got more room for mistakes.

I don't know tho, but it's just what I think makes sense.
Xalaris  +   1296d ago
Why do MW3 devs even bother criticizing BF3?

I smell fear.
hiredhelp  +   1296d ago
I cant keep count here. Whos winning this war in here BF3 or COD..?
Games4M - Rob  +   1296d ago
Its actually the 5th cod game from the same engine - dont forget World at War & Blops.
Heartnet  +   1295d ago

There insulting mw3 lol plenty worse than there retaliating :L and he didnt mention BF3 were just assuming he did which obv means there was a ton of bugs in that game otherwise people wouldnt be thinking of it
gamingdroid  +   1296d ago
Well to be fair, the BF3 demo masqueraded as a beta was a glitch fest. Took me a whole minute or so to walk through the floor!

In cases like that, I'm not certain having a beta 4-weeks to release is a good idea. It reflects very badly on your product, even if it is a month old build.
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bigboss911  +   1296d ago
"Bf3 demo masqueraded as a beta was a glitch fest."
That right there is about as stupid as stupid gets. The beta was to test server load and nothing more. All those bugs have been ironed out way before hand. Proof is in the several tourneys Dice has had in the last couple of weeks. All reports said the bugs where not there. There was even several articles on this very website about that issue.
emartini  +   1296d ago
If you read the arcticles you will see that the final version has been played and the graphics are much better along with the bugs gone. At least Bf3 is a new expierence where MW3 is just nothing but a glorified MAP PACK of MW2. Same ol engine thats very dated. It RENDERS at A WHOOPING 600P RESOLUTION. Same recycled FAKE artificial sound effects same recycled everything with a new campaign and new maps . Nothing else different. People that play MW3 are playing a game from 2007. BF3 ALL DAY. BF3 uses recordings from the real guns making it more of a realistic sound. Same old sound effects from 2007's MW1
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MrSent  +   1296d ago
IT WAS A BETA, NOT A DEMO, YOU ARE A TROLL. Go play your beloved CoD already, no one is listening to your drivel. If you, and others cant comprehend what a Beta is, that is entirely your fault.
gamingdroid  +   1296d ago
EA/Dice can put whatever label they want on it, doesn't make it a fact. With the release time frame, there is nothing else but call it a demo!

That said, bigboss911 has a good point, which is that it might have all been fixed by now and just wait for the reviews of the full game.

Then again, it seems EA is trying hard to manipulate the reviews:

"EA Caught Attempting to Manipulate Battlefield 3 Scores in Norwegian Press"

The demo was definitely not a very good marketing tool, that is for sure.
Biggest  +   1296d ago
Okay, wait. You call it a demo because of the "short" timeframe between beta and release, but then concede that the final game may actually have none of the issues from the beta? Would that then mean that the beta called demo is back to being a beta again? Why can't you just admit that you jumped the gun on the BF3 hate? You can still enjoy CoD. No one is taking your $60 DLC disk from you.
Wh15ky  +   1296d ago

How does someone so clueless have so many bubbles.
Arnon  +   1296d ago
1. Why would your word of a beta being a demo have more validity than the company who produced it?

2. Wouldn't by saying that you know the bugs will not be apparent in the final release mean it is in fact, a beta? (Considering it was confirmed already)

3. How do you have so many bubbles?
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Kahvipannu  +   1296d ago
Yawn gamingdroid.. All I see you bitching about the beta being demo and that it is equal to retail product. It doesn't get old, does it? /s

I know it must be painfull to realize what betas are, I pressume your strictly console gamer since you don't understand how those tests work out. Even with the three links to articles I posted before for you, but I pressume you just didn't want to read them..-_-

I don't know why your so afraid of BF being the game we BF players have always wanted? You will have friends still playing CoD with you still..

"Then again, it seems EA is trying hard to manipulate the reviews:

"EA Caught Attempting to Manipulate Battlefield 3 Scores in Norwegian Press" "

Actually, they are more like choosing who to give the game before launch, not "manipulating review scores" directly... Check the link you posted^^
Heartnet  +   1295d ago

EA new this was going to change peoples mind so surly releasing the later build wouldve helped changed peoples minds alot :L

But no they chose to realease such a shitty build and so the game should be judged based around that :)
r1sh12  +   1296d ago
This guy is a clown..
You didnt see bugs and you didnt need a large beta sample..
Um lets see the history here:
MW2 hacked to crazy limits, Hack lobbies, prestige lobbys, walls hacks etc..Across all major platforms (xbox, PS3, PC).
BF2 not hacked in the same way.
How those hacks occurred, the game was full of bugs.
Other famous bugs:
Rock glitch on DLC map, wasteland of the map (check my youtube),shotgun jump, the list is endless.
SOrry MW3 dev you are stupid.
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GraveLord  +   1296d ago
Oh BF2 is FULL of hacks. So are the newer ones.

Fil101  +   1296d ago
seems like the people calling the BF3 beta a demo is because they don't know how to spell the word BETA. Seriously "8 MILLION" on a online only competitive map to stress test the servers and there are still, lets face it "the BF3 haters" out there still calling it a demo lol. i'd put money on the fact that MW3 will be near non playable online on release, just a hunch but every other cod has been, hell i got rid of my blops about a month after it released and traded it for bfbc2 and haven't looked back since.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1295d ago

Im with everyone else that you should def have a beta esp considering the popularity of these titles.

also i dont like cod im a battlefield guy, however....

as much as i favor dice and love how positive everyone in here is being, lets not forget that despite a beta for BC and BC2 both games were virtually impossible to play on day 1, if you got into a game and stayed in you could but otherwise it took like an hour to even connect to a game....

being realistic, i expect the same if not worse for this since it seems like it will have far more players. but im still hopeful just dont be surprised if it falls flat on launch
MrSent  +   1296d ago
To everyone

Read the article and listen to what Activision/Infinity did to the PC and PS3 community.

Skip to 15 minutes and 22 minutes (Podcast youtube vid)to hear Robert Bowling ruin CoD MW2 for the entire PC community. Infinity Ward is NOTORIOUS for turning their backs on true gamers.

If you are a true gamer, you need to listen to the entire podcast to fully see just how arrogant/ignorant Infinity ward has become, and how they don't really care about the hardcore community. It's sad, and it's true.
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GraveLord  +   1296d ago
yeah because PC gamers = the most hardcore out there!
Stop being so arrogant.
RockNRoller  +   1296d ago
@ Gravelord, They are hardcore try playing someone with years of Xp in mouse and keyboard to a controller, i yell ya it's damn difficult to beat a person like that.
RockNRoller  +   1296d ago
cool devs;thanks for that awesome story. now when am i going to see some changes being made ? last time i checked my calender said oct 18,2011 not November 5, 2007
GraveLord  +   1296d ago
You have some weird way of thinking.
If an early build of a game doesn't have bugs/glitches what makes you think the final version will have them?

Battlefield fanboys. Are you all misinformed trolls? I would love to know. I have yet to see a sane BF3 fan on this site.
ThatIrishGamer  +   1296d ago
You don't need a Beta to realise that you haven't made the grass solid and people can fall through it into the middle of the earth!

Dice are just incredibly lazy.
FragMnTagM  +   1296d ago
You don't need a beta to realize that you haven't made any significant changes to your game and knives are more powerful than guns.

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are incredibly lazy.

There fixed it for you.
Sony360  +   1296d ago
I agree.

Bugs in a beta. How absurd this world is.
frostypants  +   1295d ago
I guess we'll know whether or not his confidence is warranted if MW3 finally fixes the horrible lag issues that have plagued the gameplay of the last 3 or 4 CoD games. I mean, he talks as if the CoD netcode hasn't been fundamentally broken for years (fun, but broken).
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ThatIrishGamer  +   1295d ago
I don't mind bugs in a beta. . . . .but ground that isn't solid?! Surely you start with the ground LOL. . . .have Dice not walked around their own maps? It's so rudimentary it beggers belief.
nano88  +   1296d ago
The beta was wack case closed
A_Troll_From_Ign  +   1296d ago
dont worry the mw3 beta will release when the game hits the shelfs day one! remember world at war and mw2 day one, yes there is you beta possibly alpha aswell.
VvKILLAGOOSEvV  +   1296d ago
LOL...I laugh, but it's sad at the same time because it's true
A_Troll_From_Ign  +   1296d ago
I have learnt my lesson. I'll get mw3 for Xmas.
Sony360  +   1296d ago
You're a fool if you build your opinion on a game from a beta.
Avernus  +   1296d ago
I don't think CoD will ever have a beta. No dedicated servers to test, and the real testing will be done by us when the game is released.

In essence, we're all beta testers when we buy a CoD game.
ginsunuva  +   1296d ago
Each one is a test for the next one
SJPFTW  +   1296d ago
LOL as we speak MW2 is still not fixed.
Shackdaddy836  +   1296d ago
They actually finished a month early with the xbox version which tells me they just don't care...
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Dart89  +   1296d ago
*And the real testing will be done by us when the game is released.*

Correction it will be done by the retarded monkeys xD that go out and buy this every year not by the smart people who know better.
Avernus  +   1296d ago
Well yeah...I meant "us" as in the gaming community. I used to like the CoD series. BF3 for me this time around.
Kahvipannu  +   1296d ago
CoD:MW had beta, and it was fresh and fun back then.

When MW2 hit the market, my friend got it day one, oh boy it was a mess.. I really do hope MW3 will work as intented as the devs believe, but to be honest I believe your right. MW2 isn't fixed this day, and I wouldn't too get my hopes high for MW3 when it comes out..
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Netic  +   1296d ago
Yea that's why in MW2 without beta the game was full of balance issues with Killstreak and full of hackers...

But hey they don't have any bugs ... It'S a ****** 4 years old engine. I do hope they don't have any bugs...
KwietStorm  +   1296d ago
I think it's a bit older than 4 years
ZidaneNL  +   1296d ago
Technically, Modern Warfare 3 is still based on the id Tech 3 engine, which dates back to around 1999.

However, the code has been rewritten so many times by now that IW, or SG for that matter, no longer needs to license the id Tech 3 engine and it can be considered to be a standalone engine.

So yeah, MW3 uses a 12 year old engine. It's not like this is anything new in the industry to be using a heavily modified and updated version of an older engine.
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SneeringImperialist  +   1296d ago
This dev sounds like a real jerk "I surely didn’t see bugs like I saw elsewhere"
Thats because you douchebags have used the same game engine for like what 4 - 5 years now?
Glitches and problems happen to appear when you actually build something new rather than relying on the same old thing for so long! also 8 million people didnt need to play the beta thats the amount of people who wanted to ,its just coincidence.
damnyouretall  +   1296d ago
thats what i came in here to say. everyone knows it cause its common sense i suppose. one more week till bf3 makes cod look like the bitch of videogames. yeah i said it :)
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spunnups  +   1296d ago
Will MW3 have dedicated servers for consoles?
tepkisiz  +   1296d ago
You joking? Of course not :D
Funky Town_TX  +   1296d ago
maybe i have been under a rock but
When did BF start competing against MW? They are both FPS but very diff.
sublIME2s  +   1296d ago
People always compare them against each other. Yes they are way different, but in terms of graphics and engine we can compare them I guess(...) I always said Battlefield owns CoD in every possible way except one thing. CoD's fanbase.

I'm not even gonna blame Infinity Ward/Treyarch for not changing their engine because we all know why they don't. ACTIVISION! I hate you.

But since I don't care that much for CoD these days. I really hope Battlefield will kick MW3's arse to the bottom.
christheredhead  +   1296d ago
They aren't against one another. Both EA and Activision have been trying to hype up their product by down playing their competition. In reality its just for exposure and marketing. They are not even remotely identical games, but gamers like to think they are going head to head in some sort of deathmatch competition to the finish. Cod gamers will still play cod and bf gamers will still play battlefield. A few will switch, but nothing will change.
2fk  +   1296d ago
BF came out before COD...BF was always been the underdogs until this year when they showcased BF3 on PC then the hype and competition against COD started. They are surely different but both in the same genre. BF has destruction and tries to aim for realism and COD is more of an arcade shooter with a blockbuster campaign...u can compare them in the sense of which game would u rather buy....Realism or arcade, quick in gameplay.
rattletop  +   1296d ago
no probs. maybe u didn't have access to n4g under that rock. u can find 5 articles about bf3 vs mw3 daily on n4g.
Darrius Cole  +   1296d ago
Call of Duty 4 had a perfect storm going in its favor.
1) The 360 fanbase is almost a solid vein of FPS gamers and they can support multiple 5 to 10 million selling FPS's in any one year.
2) Guitar Hero played out so Activision had to direct their marketing muscle to another big game.
3) The creative juices around Bungie and Halo seemed to stall for internal reasons.

Modern Warfare fit the bill on all counts...And I do mean Modern Warfare instead of Call of Duty. Call of Duty has been around forever; the true turning point is Modern Warfare.

EA sees that the new Modern Warfare, whatever it may be called, sells about 20 million copies in each of last 3 or 4 years and they want some of that money. Hence, the search for a Modern Warfare competitor. They tried Medal of Honor; that didn't work, so now it is Battlefield's turn.

I think Battlefield 3 will get it done, though. I think it will break 10 million in overall sales(4-6 on PS3, 6-7 on 360).
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tepkisiz  +   1296d ago
I remember that BLOPS PC and PS3 versions were UNPLAYABLE for the first week. After this trash talk they had better have a butter-smooth launch.
franko  +   1296d ago
Unplayable for the first week? It's still unplayable, compared to 360. Now dont get me wrong, i have both consoles but when i saw the mess blops was on ps3, i bought it for 360 and it was whole other game. No lag, frame rate drops, freezes, nothing!
bigboss911  +   1296d ago
As much as im disappointed in the last few Cod games, I have never seen the issues that other people have seen. Well except for lag. First night on psn I had only 2 disconnects...
SH0CKW4VE  +   1296d ago
yeah and there is the difference between a closed beta and a public beta.

8 million problem solvers vs little over a thousand.

Hmmmm I wonder which was tested better.
#9 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
brettyd  +   1296d ago
ha the first couple weeks after a COD release is like a beta.
Xenial  +   1296d ago
You didn't see bugs because it's still the same rehashed shit from MW2. -_-
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1296d ago
I really don't get people. BF3 had a shit beta, it turned out really bad, whether they can fix all the issues in time is an entirely different conversation.

coD did have a beta, a closed one. It's still a beta, besides that, if they are using the same engine updated, they have very little they need to 'fix', so it's not a problem. Honestly, I've never heard of a flawless multiplayer before, so everyone should stop bitching.
KwietStorm  +   1296d ago
I don't get people either. It both saddens me and makes me laugh when someone says a beta is bad. A beta is supposed to have issues. As a tester, you're supposed to be glad you found them. As someone who has played a newer build, I know the retail release is pretty much a different game. Fixing those issues isn't a concern at this point.

As far as Call of Duty, "fixing" anything about those games isn't the biggest priority when millions of people clearly tell Activision every year that they're willing to pay for it again.
Darrius Cole  +   1296d ago
I would call 8 million players showing up a 'bad beta.' It fact I would call it a 'wildly successful beta.' The goal for EA is to sell as many games as possible. Having 8 million people show that much interest in your game at beta stage probably means that you are going sell at least 8 million copies.

If people are complaining about bugs, then it means that they are playing the game enough to find the bugs.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1296d ago
How the hell does a user count on an open beta tell anything? Just because people are interested it doesn't mean it's a sale. The general consensus is that the beta was bad. I, personally, was on the fence about it, the beta convinced me to NOT BUY this game.

Let me put it this way, because apparently you did bother playing the beta, and blind faith is all you need. I was in it for 5 MINUTES and I fell through the ground, and I got stuck on a tree within ten minute. I played it for 2 more days afterwards encountered the floor falling issue, at least 8 more times. I didn't need an invested interest or to play it that hard to find these flaws. These issues were blatant and everywhere.
Darrius Cole  +   1296d ago
But you did have an interest. Evidenced by the fact that you not only downloaded the beta, you also played it for two days AFTER YOU ENCOUNTERED BUGS.

If it was a game that you did not care about, then you would have encountered bugs dismissed it and moved on to some other game.

And numbers are an indication of interest. True, every beta download is not a sale, but the more interest in the game the more sales they will make. There are lots of people that will be interested in the game but were not in the beta.
vinniects  +   1296d ago
It was great that 8 million people played the bf3 beta. Problem is that it sounds like an awful lot of those people came away unimpressed. If it was an early build then they should have released the beta earlier. Bf3 just gave themselves bad pr for no reason. Not saying bf3 is a bad game, just the beta was horrible timing.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1296d ago
The only reason why I continued to play it was to see if they problems were THAT bad. Which they ended up being. Dismissing something after a few minutes would be stupid, but after two days of encountering issues, well that's enough time to say 'screw it' with an educated opinion.

My point is that the beta KILLED my interest. Regardless of what you may think, that can only be a BAD THING.

vinniects understands what I'm saying. The game can be amazing for all I know, but that beta left a really bad impression even if it was an early build.
torchic  +   1296d ago
not hating Mr. Glen Schofield, but fact is it's very easy not to have any bugs with your new game if your "new game" is basically the same game you released in 2007 underneath, obviously oh so slightly improved over the years.

he has one good point though. Call of Duty is entertainment's biggest franchise, they sell millions of games with hundreds of thousands of people playing their games online at any given moment. their stress test was Black Ops, Modern Warefare 2, etc.

and in any case they always release a campaign demo on PSN/XBL so with that you can kind of make your mind up about the game.

btw i can't wait for BF3 gee I can't wait 10 days..
#13 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
StupidDude  +   1296d ago
you Battlefield guys are getting so butthurt over one dude's very ambiguous comment.


have fun with your "realism" dudes. you know, like in real life, when you get shot, and all you have to do is run over a pack full of medical supplies and you're all better. i love when that happens in real life.
electricshadow  +   1296d ago
And I wonder why you have two bubbles when you act that ignorant.
christheredhead  +   1296d ago
i don't agree with the way his comment was presented, but at the same time he is completely right about how cod and bf are criticized on this site.
electricshadow  +   1296d ago
@ christheredhead I do agree with what he said - to an extent. BF3 was never going for simulator realism, but a balance between arcade and simulator. All I'm saying is there's a way to say something and not come off so ignorant.
StupidDude  +   1296d ago
i don't wonder why i have 2 bubbles.

in fact, i know exactly why!

i'm a dick!
banner  +   1296d ago

That's why I have 2 bubbles too... Apparently you have to sugar coat facts, make them sound nice nice, I say f that! Tell it how it is... Don't like it ignore me.

I miss the open zone... What made n4g think this place would ever be professional?
Fil101  +   1296d ago
lol yep i'm in the the same boat.
Unlimax  +   1296d ago
Fix Your BETA .. I mean your game and then speak whenever you want !

This is very embarrassing for Activision more than ever lol ..
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1296d ago
They aren't the underdog, they can talk shit and get away with it.

I'd argue DICE/EA's call outs on CoD were far more embarrassing considering they are the underdog.

In other words.
Activision barked and delivered, on a year by year basis, selling more each time.

DICE/EA have only barked and so far delivered a very poor open beta.
Biggest  +   1296d ago
They delivered? They sold copies of very substandard games. Their games were glitchy and hacked from the first minute of servers opening. The graphics are ALWAYS sub-HD and the sound leave much to be desired EVERY TIME. If that is delivering, I only hope that the rest of the world doesn't decide to deliver that way.

DICE is not a new developer. A beta for BF3 was not their first project. I know that you know this, but would rather make an asinine statement to "prove" your very weak point. Go enjoy CoD again. I'll try to find your 2000sq/ft map and do a fly-by in a BF3 jet for you.
Kahvipannu  +   1296d ago
"In other words.
Activision barked and delivered, on a year by year basis, selling more each time.

DICE/EA have only barked and so far delivered a very poor open beta. "

You propably know this, but CoD's have had insane ammount of problems (and still have), and annual "skin"-change releases, over priced DLC, 4hour sp-campaigns, etc... yeah, they have delivered really good..

Dice are pioneers of this industry, that last sentence you did don't make sense in any level. They have influenced more than most developers in fps-industry, specially in modern combat which thay are still delivering the most refined experience. Also the beta was great success, what your talking about?
#15.1.2 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Venjense  +   1296d ago
It's funny how everyone acts like these are the greatest games in the world when in a few years they'll be the next Rockband and Guitar Hero.

Military FPS, MP-centric, with crappy SP and bad enemy AI is on the way out.
sporteous121212  +   1296d ago
Why do you think they are on the way out?

Decent military shooters have been around for well over a decade now and if anything they are just as popular as ever. IMO Guitar Hero & Rockband were video game fads. They were marketed towards the casual crowd whereas BF & COD have always had a hardcore fan-base that will continue to grow.
shaft0140  +   1296d ago
Ah, these symptoms show that this whole COD/BF ordeal is a classic case of Mario vs Sonic syndrome.

Give it about a decade and they'll both be together in some Olympics video game -- Call of Battlefield: 2020 Olympics.
Kobe Bryant  +   1296d ago
cod is the king of bugs..
spektical  +   1296d ago
I dont think any dev working on COD has the right to talk about how glitchy or how unglitchy their game is, until proven otherwise.

the bf3 beta was months old, once you got passed the bugs, the beta was battlefield sweetness. I would say that the Metro map was not the greatest map to show a battlefield level for first timers.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1295d ago
you know i dont like defending cod but you guys have to keep this in mind, even if they did have a beta cod is still bound to have many more bugs for this simple reason......

10x as many players = that many more people who will be trying to find bugs and glitches

when/if BF gets that many players and is still bug free, then we can all rant about how much more polished ( bug wise only becuase BF is 10x better in every other way imo ) BF is than cod
Drabent  +   1296d ago
OMG ppl still think BF3 beta was current software><....guys have u not seen the G4 vid showing the finished gameplay? They say over and over the game is ready and that the beta was a 2 MONTH OLD BUILD!!!!! Geez~
#20 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
artdafoo  +   1296d ago
COD games have betas, what do you think the first 3 months of MP are ? bad part is u gotta pay $60 to play them. I'd rather play a free beta, then decide if I want to buy the game as appose to buying a broken game then have to go through the hassle of selling it. Like I did with Wack Ops
#21 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
geth1gh  +   1296d ago
Maybe because they have been testing the same game with new skins since 2007...
Nikuma  +   1296d ago
A game with a brand new engine has more bugs than a rehashed game on the same engine!?!??! I don't believe it.
tonywood  +   1296d ago
It's just gamesmanship. Both games will be great...and gamers will choose what game they like most. BF3 is a hardcore game that relies on teamwork & Mic usage. MW3 is a action military shooter that doesnt require team play or communication.
#24 (Edited 1296d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Snowii  +   1296d ago
this site has gone downhill

why does shit like this get top page?
eak3  +   1296d ago
The fact that they take time to talk about BF3 and how they aren't worried about it tell us that in fact they are greatly worried about it.
outwar6010  +   1296d ago
the bugs in the beta that was mw2 were far worse and we had to pay
instantnoodles   1296d ago | Spam
Rifkens  +   1295d ago
You could just play CS:GO :)
SITH  +   1295d ago
3 year development (bf3) vs. 1 year (cod)

Someone is handing in the same work they did last year with a different name on it.

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