Microsoft Starts Mass Banning on Xbox Live

Xbox-Scene is receiving reports that Microsoft has started a new wave of bans on Xbox Live against modified DVD firmwares or DVD+/-R DL discs. As always, Microsoft bans console serial numbers from Live (i.e., a complete ban,) not just Live accounts. Xbox-Scene has more details on what can get a console banned.

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sfinXters3990d ago

This is right and wrong at the same time. I'm confused. Gotta get some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Capt CHAOS3989d ago

Is that toffee popcorn or the salted variety?
Count me in.

scotthea3113989d ago

salt, pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. With a brew on the side. Ohh, so good.

Drano3989d ago

Don't forget the lard.

Jump Beyond.

Enigma_20993989d ago


.... parmeseany....

gw4k3989d ago

ME and the chicken wings!

AuburnTiger3989d ago

I'll take m&m's and twizlers

gamesR4fun3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

typical but awfull buisness practice I mean who would buy a used 360 knowing they ban the consoles...
Just got one used off my dad but I knew it wasnt modded (just came back from m$ for rrod) now I also hear you can only get rrod fixed once under the warranty?
Not that it matters to me much never use the thing bought it for ME mostly and thats a flop (sorry bots cant deal with that level of crapyness in a 60 buck game)

edit removed xbox rant (just mad ME and the new Naruto suck so bad I guess)

jaja14343989d ago


So did you fanboyism blind you so much to think that 92% is a flop?

If so what does that make all of the PS3 games that are under 92?

BruceLeroy3989d ago

Why is it necessary to turn a post that has nothing to do with the PS3 into one? You fanboys are truly pathetic. Get a life please.

gamesR4fun3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I dont care what the reviewers say the game is pushing the xbox way too hard. You spend more time loading than playing for some sequences (especially if you count the annoying fill in has load time) The driving missions are painful due to the lack of vertical aim on the vehicle and the way it gets stuck in terrain not to mention it takes forever to drive anywheres and your stuck playing it for a lot of the game. The so called action part is killed by the constant pausing and trying to get you squad to do what you want one of the worst ai's Ive ever seen and dont get me started at the so called rpg elements...
Dont get me wrong personally I think the story makes it worth playing for some and the graphics are pretty good evnen with the -30 framerate. But a 9 + game its not.

@ the ignores and disagrees look Im not hating just giving a fyi to my fellow gamers. After having bought Ac myself I wish one of you had done the same...
Anyways buy it if you need to just dont say you weren't warned.

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whateva3989d ago

I wouldn't have to worry about this problem if I still had a 360 to mod.

Close_Second3989d ago

1. You only pay if you want to play on-line. Other than that access to Xbox Live is free - obvisouly you still need to pay for selected downloads.

2. Where do you find the time to play on-line regardless when you seem to be doing nothing but trolling Xbox only news.

Boon Tarkas3989d ago

This oft repeated criticism against Live has gotten really lame.

borgome3989d ago

If the PS3 online was any good they would have to charge for it as well. Maybe if Sony actually gets some good features they will start charging an annual fee.

MattFoley3989d ago

Xbox live does not cost a thing, REPEAT NOTHING. IF you dont believe me get on your xbox make a new account and go thru the set up throw in a game and go online. Tried it yesterday myself and played Halo 3 matchmaking without a gold account. I dont know what other games this works for but I assume all.

wind_dragon3989d ago

i bet i can refute any argument u have against the PSN compared to ur XBL. lol! :D

snakeater3989d ago

god does anybody in here have a good paying job....50 bucks....lmao...are gamers that fruckin cheap

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goldenzealot3989d ago

whats wrong with paying $50?

would you rather pay a lot more for wow or....

games4fun3989d ago

its when you have to do it every year that it really matters. Each year you have to pay for the price of a game almost. You are losing potential money for a game every year.

joydestroy3989d ago

guess it's good i didn't mod mine, haha.

predator3989d ago

good, i dont approve of modding consoles to play craked games, if u dobt pay for ur games how the hell will the developers get money to create new ones. the developers actually deserve the money for the game.

Neo-Delta3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Yeah, I agree, devs need all the money they can get, game developing is an expensive business. IMHO I don't really give one crap about this since I don't have a 360 anymore (sick of RROD - 4 times FFS!) but is sure as hell funny.