Can PS3 and Xbox 360 Capitalize on Wii's Woes?

The smoke has barely cleared from the Nintendo Wii's first birthday candles, and already the next big challenge is looming: the 2007 holiday season. For Nintendo, the critical question is whether the revolutionary gaming platform will continue to be a consumer favorite or a lingering manufacturing hangover will stifle sales.

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wiizy3717d ago

nope. especially not the psp.. you can only capitalize if someone wants you in the first wii will sell all those units

Rooftrellen3716d ago

Exactly. People want the Wii, not just any game console. Wii will sell out and leave people wanting more, but those left out in the cold aren't going to go buy a console that they don't consider the best, either, because we're talking about a lot of money to buy a single console!

HarryEtTubMan3716d ago

tHEY WILL ALL sell well this hiliday season. I think things will change though more nextt holiday season and especially as time goes on

wiizy3716d ago

the only system that could get extra sale is xbox 360.. not ps3

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