Japanese Actress Admits Halo 3 Obsession


We already know that at least one Japanese male likes Halo 3. Hell, he even got the logo shaved into his skull! And now we can point to a Japanese female who openly admits to liking Halo. Famed Japanese voice actress Kana Ueda (Rin Tosaka in Fate/stay night) says that she's really into the FPS and claims to have played it for something like 16 hours on Monday night! Apparently she's a hardcore gamer, and the Osaka-raised Ueda was previously really into Monster Hunter Portable 2. Guess that makes MHP2 a gateway game or something. So there ya go!

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ddldave3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

how much did microshit pay her to say that this time? they're really getting more desperate in japan.

nobody plays halo in japan. who would she play it with to get an obsession? obviously microshit paid her to say she's obsessed.

Lordcheese, they made her plug that so it wouldn't be obvious for the dumb peoples. Smart people like me can spot it out, Microshit definitely paid her to do this.

Lord Cheese3624d ago

what a shock, someone comes out with faboy-esque nonsense comments.

Did you read the article? Monster Hunter is on the PSP - why would M$ get her to plug that?

BIGBAER3624d ago

I have a number of Japanese gamers on my friends list; gamers I met while playing games such as Forza 2, Test Drive Underground, PGR 3&4----and, Halo 3.

I'll say this: All the Japanese gamers I've met on LIVE are HARDCORE, no-holds barred competitors.

Just as elsewhere in the world, Japanese Xbox 360 owners buy lots of games. The Japanese attach rate for the 360 is excellent.

games4fun3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

of her ethnicity? woopdifreakindo lol

and it better not be because she is an actress i dont care what people like i care what i like.

So is there any real news around here just asking?

ravinash3624d ago

Nice looking girl who likes console games...hmmmmmm

Gantrfaxx3624d ago

So one japanese girl likes and plays Halo. Whoooooaaaa
Achievement unlocked. lol

AllroundGamer3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

:D that was a good one. MS is surely having a party in their headquarters right now :)

MasterOne3624d ago

Ms must be getting desperate in Japan.

predator3624d ago

ur comment sounds desperate and stuiped.

PMR_213624d ago

b4 you criticize someone else's comment, make sure you spell correctly first...douche

predator3624d ago

haha, best u can get me back with a spelling mistake, sorry for typing fast and made a mistake, douche.

PopEmUp3624d ago

wow I just heard a Japanese guy like Halo 3

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The story is too old to be commented.