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The Top Selling PS3 Games of All Time

Looks like multi-platform releases dominate the exclusives... (Industry, PS3)

elshadi  +   915d ago
i want this game to happen soon
aksmashh  +   915d ago
On Topic, im surprised that LBP 2 only sold 1.56m, its not bad i surpose but i was expecting it to sell alot more. Good to see UC2 almost hitting 5m
BushLitter  +   915d ago
I'm shocked at Infamous 2's figures! I mean that is really disappointing, it's such a brilliant game. What is it with some Sony exclusives? Haven't played Resistance 3 yet, but I understand that it is excellent.

People talk about Sony's lack of marketing, but I remember there being a lot of buzz about both these games in the form of promotions, special offers, bundles, etc.

Just can't understand it.
aksmashh  +   915d ago
Infamous 2 is my favourite game of 2011 so far and i'm surprised more people have picked it up (0.86)and with batman and uncharted incoming its going to struggle. definatley one of most overlooked games of this year
VampiricDragon  +   915d ago
First of all those vg numbers arent right since its a fact that gt 5 is the highest selling on a sony platform according to numbers the developers have given

@ below

Gran Turismo 5 (6.37 million)[116]
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (5.20 million)[116]
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4.8 million approximately; 3.531 million in the US,[27][28][29][30] 244.578 and 25.268 The Best in Japan,[133] at least 1 million in UK)[32]
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (3.8 million)[134]
MotorStorm (3.31 million)[135]
Call of Duty: Black Ops (3.269 million units approximately; 3.094 million in the US,[136] 175,813 in Japan[133])

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STK026  +   915d ago
Hmm, not so sure about that, I'm pretty sure Black Ops is the best selling game on X360 and PS3.
StanLee  +   915d ago
LOL. Trust me, he knows that. But to believe that is to believe that there are millions on the PS3 that love and play Call of Duty, not just come on here and bitch and moan. Funny that 3 of the top 5 titles are Call of Duty.
STK026  +   915d ago
It would appear these are global numbers for GT5, but Black ops' do not include Europe, middle east and Asia (Japan and Asia being separate statistics).

I could be wrong, but I believe the data provided by wikipedia on this matter is incomplete. I would also add that BO's sales data foind on wikipedia are coming from the invisible walls podcast on gametrailers, since I haben't listened to this particular one, I don't know where they took their data, but I'm not sure it's 100% reliable.

Anyway, only Sony and Activision know the truth.
sikbeta  +   915d ago
COD are the best selling games on the HD consoles, next it's GTAIV, GT5, MGS4 on the PS3 list, and Uncharted 2 is @ 4.9m now, GAF got the numberz :P
NYC_Gamer  +   915d ago
Black Ops=the highest selling game on the HD consoles....
WANNAGETHIGH  +   915d ago
Cod haters/BF fanboys are not gonna like this.
cpayne93  +   915d ago
Well... They already know actually. What annoys them is that a game can be remade over and over again with little change and still sell so well. Kinda annoys me too. I like cod, but I don't want to buy all of them, just one every couple of releases.
GraveLord  +   915d ago
Kinda like Assassins Creed huh? But I guess that game isn't popular enough to hate on huh?
GamersRulz  +   915d ago
I don't understand why VGchartz freeze GT5 @ 6.5m ? PD announced that GT5 moved 6.4m in first 6 weeks of sales.

FighterJoe  +   915d ago
Yes, because they really have no idea.
Number_13  +   915d ago
Yes, they moved them from storage to retailers. AKA shipped. Not sell thru. Not in consumers hands. Understand?
elshadi  +   915d ago
what part from
"Gran turismo 5 "SOLD" 6.37 million copies in first six weeks"
you didn't understand ??
from the article
"Gran Turismo 5 has Sold  6.37 Million worldwide in six weeks according to a report published by Polyphony Digital."

GamersRulz was right

WTF ??
Do You Have any Link To Prove That ???
you are trying too hard man
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Number_13  +   915d ago
yeah, it SOLD to retailers. Lol you think they give them to GameStop for free? Lol come on guy.
Cyrax_87  +   915d ago
Number_13 is right, it is sold to retailers...as are ALL of the numbers. Sony, MS and Nintendo count sold as sold to retailers. If there's strong demand for a game, then the retailers buy more.

Not sure why Number_13 is trying to make out that only Sony do it though, fanboy or do you really believe MS/Nintendo actually report sold to customers (LMAO)?
GamersRulz  +   915d ago
Actually I can see that exclusives are selling very well, most of em between 2-4m
elshadi  +   915d ago
wha...?? can't be!!
ps3 fans don't buy their games /s

add to that
MGS4 5.29m
Gran Turismo5 6.55m
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StrongMan  +   915d ago
This site says these games sold really well but people say PS3 exclusives don't sell. Someone is lying.
GamersRulz  +   915d ago
According to VGchartz:

GT5 @6.55 ( very questionable ) see my previous comment
MGS4 @5.29
Uncharted 2 @4.89
LBP @4.50
GT prologue @4.11
God of War 3 @4.04
Resistance @3.85
Uncharted @3.72
Motorstorm @3.59
Killzone 2 @2.68
GOW collection @2.31
Ratchet & Clank @2.20
Resistance 2 @2.16
Infamous @2.05
Killzone 3 @1.87
Heavy Rain @1.85
LBP 2 @1.56
Heavenly sword @1.48
Demon's souls @1.28
MAG @ 1.17
This doesn't include digital only sales for GTP5. those numbers indicate that PS3 exclusive sells very well unless you consider a seven digit number very low.
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Number_13  +   915d ago
Except GT5 isn't available digitally.
Edit: to the disagreers, I welcome any education to the contrary
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cpayne93  +   915d ago
He didn't say it was, GT prologue is. That is what he's talking about.
Great sale actually.
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BushLitter  +   915d ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Bubbles cuz
Cyrax_87  +   914d ago
There are alot of flaws with vgchartz. I noticed all the GT games except GT5/GT5P match Polyphonys real numbers (why?).

Also Konami reported MGS4 selling 5 million at the end of 2009 (in their report). So according to vgchartz it hasn't even sold 300k in nearly 2 whole years?

Quantic Dream also announced Heavy Rain selling 2 million in March earlier this year.
YoungKingDoran  +   915d ago
569. Shadows of the Damned 0.06m


definitely deserved better.

suda, you can live at mine if you need a place to stay.
just uh... keep the weirdness to a minimum, and the bathroom is not your office
TheFallenAngel  +   915d ago
I thought Resistance: Fall of Man was over 5 million.
Number_13  +   915d ago
It isn't.
NYC_Gamer  +   915d ago
I am not surprised multi-plat software is leading the market share
HaHa_Ostrich  +   915d ago
I compared this PS3 list to the 360 list. Interesting numbers. In the top 20 sellers, both systems sold around the same number of 3rd person shooter/action games (cca 43mil), RPGs (cca 4mil) and racers (cca 10mil). FPSs sold twice as much on the 360 compared to PS3. (cca 66mil/30mil). Sport Games made it only on PS3 (cca 8mil).

So when it comes to top sellers there are more similarities than differences. Both camps like the same genres, PS3 gamers prefer more Sports, 360 gamers prefer more FPSs.
majiebeast  +   915d ago
Vgchartz a site that was made by a disgrunteld 360fanboy after he got kicked of neogaf. Im taking this with a pinch of salt.

Im just dissapointed in myself that i am 1 of those black ops owners/cry, Never again i will never commit that sin of buying a trashy cod game again.
ginsunuva  +   915d ago
Cod ruining the world everywhere you go...
bahabeast8619  +   915d ago
ps3 exclusives sell well enough it mite not do gears or halo numbers but they sell well its just that when youve got a ps3 there is sooo much to play and ur pockets get dry :( gata choose wisely
BlmThug  +   915d ago
N4G Fanboys will go into a g*y rage about how these numbers are lies and that UC sold a billion instead of 4.95 million.
Silly gameAr  +   915d ago
People like you always come out of the woodwork for articles like this. I wouldn't be surprised if people that have a beef on this site aren't the ones writing dumb articles and approving them, just to make dumb comments.

What's wrong with liking exclusive games? With multiplats added, that's the best of both worlds. How come people have a problem with that? The more games the better right?

And, I don't remember anyone boasting about PS3 exclusives outselling anything. Only one type of fanboy excels at that.
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montyburns000  +   915d ago
wow @ killzone, what a disappointment. no wonder GG is moving on to a new franchise.
Rynx  +   915d ago
No wonder you have only one bubble.

OT. I think I'm going to buy Motorstorm Apacolypse and contribute to that list even more

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