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RAGE sells over half million in first week - new IPs not dead

There's a fear that bringing something new to gaming is filled with much risk as gamers are quite the fickle bunch. But as with the recent Dead Island and now RAGE it seems new IPs are making waves amongst gaming communities. (PC, PS3, Rage, Xbox 360)

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vishant101  +   1357d ago
Looks like a decent year for new ip's rage and dead island have sold positively and also dark souls (it is technically a new ip)
lazertroy  +   1356d ago
With all those ads should've sold more.
gapecanpie  +   1356d ago
I was expecting more since its mulit plat and this game was heavily hyped but I guess half a million is good for the first week.
WANNAGETHIGH  +   1356d ago
So video games have now turned into record sales. In the 90'S/early 2000's know one cared what albums sold the most just how last Gen know cared what games sales the most. I'm not even going to go on a rant with a long sentence as I'm sure smart mature games not fanboys will know what I mean.
ShaunCameron  +   1356d ago
That's because back then the average gamer didn't have access to video game sales figures. Nor did he have access to a computer and broadband Internet connection.
SilentNegotiator  +   1356d ago
It better not lose steam if they're going to profit from a 4+ year dev time.
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ATi_Elite  +   1356d ago
All Rage needs to do is hit 1.5 million units sold across 3 platforms and id/Bethesda should make a cool $35 million in profit.

1.5 million at $60 is the magic number for multi-plat games with the standard $15 million dollar budget and low advertisement. Nice graphics tech but Rage is not a big budget title.

Games with HUGE ad campaigns (BF3 MW3) or games with huge production budgets (GTAIV) or games with Exclusives rights (Halo) need to sale more than 1.5 million cause MORE money went into the games production, advertisement, and Developers pocket.
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user858621  +   1356d ago
Well deserved, great game!

p.s wow, 360 version almost caught upto resistance 3

"Umm, who cares? lol" .. people who want the series to keep going.. not that I am one of them lol

Its odd, infamous 2 hasnt hit a million yet, resistance 3 is being outsold by new I.Ps just what the hell is going on!? :S
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blumatt  +   1356d ago
"p.s wow, 360 version almost caught upto resistance 3"

Umm, who cares? lol

Anyway, I can't wait to try this game out. It looks pretty cool.

Umm, I don't give a rat's ass whether InFamous 2 hit ten sales. All I care about is MY purchase. It was a great game too, just like Resistance 3. People just don't give them a chance. I don't care though. I've enjoyed playing them both, regardless of how many copies they sold. People get too worried about the sales numbers.
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fluffydelusions  +   1356d ago
It's shooterbox...what do you expect? Meanwhile FF, Catherine, Dark Souls, and many non shooter titles sell better on PS3...big deal
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Objective  +   1356d ago
With some of the best graphics on consoles, that's not surprising at all.
gamingdroid  +   1356d ago
It's the best as far as multi-platform games next to Mass Effect 2.
Messatsu290  +   1356d ago
You people must not play a lot of games.....
Objective  +   1356d ago
@ Messatsu

You must be one of those who think that God of War 3 is a graphically demanding and capable game.
Sevir04  +   1356d ago
I'm a bit dissapointed really!
Both rage and resistance 3 performed much the same critically! they averaged about the same and rage didn't get many Ads yet this one sold better in the states! perhaps its because its multiplatform! I guess Resistance 2 really put a bad taste in alot of peoples mouths! Still I'm glad at least that Rage did well! Resistance 3 should have been pushed more! Biases should have been pushed aside! Dead Island wasn't that great! But it was greatly marketed! oh well!
Shadowaste  +   1356d ago
Thats actually pretty bad for 3 platforms and a hyped-up for-the-last-5-years title, I got it for free so I'm cool with it, but if I had spent $65 on it I'd be PISSED!
VampiricDragon  +   1356d ago
most shooters sell that

but did it make profit?

So it pretty much could be dead if it didnt
Bobets  +   1356d ago
over 500k with 3 platforms sales included.....

R3 is at 500k in just 1 platform and that was considered bad now all of a sudden this is good?
gamingdroid  +   1356d ago
Rage doesn't have the benefit of being hyped up sequel with an established fanbase not to mention that there are likely some digital only copies sold as well not counted into the numbers.

This was one week of sales to boot...

As a new IP, it didn't flop like Enslaved. That was just abysmal.
ShaunCameron  +   1356d ago
Actually, the XB360 version sold about 500K so far. The PS3 and PC versions are at 290K and 70K respectively.
Number_13  +   1356d ago
1st week sales vs 6 week sales? Is that what you're talking about here?
vinniects  +   1356d ago
I could remember an article only a couple days ago that said R3 only sold 180k copies if I'm not mistaken where did the extra 320k come from.
A_Troll_From_Ign  +   1356d ago
Yeah I saw that too. The article was referring to NA sales only. Off topic, where has all the good journalism gone?? N4g is full of sales articles and top 10 articles.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1356d ago
your just wrong dude.

R3 is an established franchise with 3 releases obviously, and has gotten way more press over the years.

Rage is a new game so yes it is good for a new game
Drabent  +   1356d ago
Resistance 3 is crap...old...stale multiplayer lol. I rented it after playing the Lagged-off beta and its just no reason to play this game online....oh yea most don't lol can't get a full room on team deathmatch.
trouble_bubble  +   1356d ago
As opposed to the lame tacked-on MP car combat in Rage, right? Who put a Twisted Metal ripoff in my FPS?
Rageanitus  +   1356d ago
The game was quite good and addictive, but it just seems they slapped on the 2nd half of the game subway town.
TheDivine  +   1356d ago
You didnt like subwaytown? I thought that it was the best part of the game it really picked up steam there. The other part did seem bigger and more open and the prison was damn cool but the combat got heavy in the second part and i loved the missions.

Not my disagree btw feel free to have a different opinion lol.
Rageanitus  +   1356d ago
yes the action got quite intense.... but for some reason the intensity of the game made it seem like a typical shooter. One thing for sure they left the ending so they can make another Rage... lets hope its more open world , because the game still felt a tad linear.
BitbyDeath  +   1356d ago
How is this a success and Resistance 3 a fail?
This sold on 3 systems and sold just a little over it in total.

Journalists these days SMH
Number_13  +   1356d ago
First week sales vs first month sales.
Here's a better picture for you, Resistance 3 6 weeks = 500k. Rage (360) 1 week = 405k
See the difference?
BitbyDeath  +   1356d ago
Ahh okay, but in my defense most sales do happen in the first week.

You did get me tho :-p
kma2k  +   1356d ago
I was a victim of my own anticipation with rage, i read only what i wanted to & formed my own expectations that couldnt have been reached. I was reading towns & buildable equipment & instantyl was thinking borderlands/fallout & was disapointed in the lack of gun custimizatoin & shortness over all, as well as lack of a leveling system. But for what the game was it did it right, i was just expecting something else & was disaointed. Still thought the games was an 8 out of 10 though. It wasnt bad, just i was hoping for more.
Tarantino_Life  +   1356d ago
Over half a million on 3 platforms. Lol! What a fail game!Id sucks!
no_more_trolling  +   1356d ago
first week
A_Troll_From_Ign  +   1356d ago
Yeah but still should of gone past the million mark with its budget and hype.
Harelgur  +   1356d ago
theyre gonna need alot more sales to gain something from it.
6 years in development lol
cstyle  +   1356d ago
Half a mil in a week is good. It will sell way over a million. Some exclusives released months ago still haven't sold this well.
trouble_bubble  +   1356d ago
*Newsflash* multiplats have a higher user base to sell to. They damn well better sell more.

Unfortunately the opposite to your point is true too, many multiplats released months ago haven't sold either. Child of Eden, Shadows of the Damned, Bodycount, Mindjack, Knights Contract...all NEW IPs...all DOA. Rage selling a couple copies to Carmackolytes changes nothing. Perhaps the article should tell that to Catherine which only sold 100,000 on the 360 all summer.
Zephol  +   1356d ago
is not bad for a bad game
gcolley  +   1356d ago
online pass that affects single player. sorry can't support this game
Pro_TactX  +   1356d ago

If you are complaining about something that is included in new copies of the game, then logic dictates that you were likely intent on buying it used, and therefore were not going to be supporting it anyway.
Drabent  +   1356d ago
Hey psn store gonna update??? It's 7:11pm here
GamersRulz  +   1356d ago
I'm tired of gaming media, sometimes 500K is considered a flop others times its a resounding success !!
Venjense  +   1356d ago
Oh, the 360-PS3 sales break down explains why Carmack was singing PS3s praises during development and complaining about how restrictive 360 was, but is now recently started singing the 360s praises: more sales = more console love.

If I was a dev, I'd be the exact same way.
Ranich  +   1355d ago
Now is there a number of how many copies that were traded in / sold on eBay or Craigslist in the first week?

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