Scrolls court case: Mojang win interim injunction against Bethesda

Notch has just announced that Minecraft developer Mojang will be able to use the name “Scrolls” for its next game after winning an interim injunction against Zenimax/Bethesda.

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BaneWilliams1688d ago

Was just in the process of writing this up. You win this round!

Baliw1688d ago

Time for Notch to sell the rights to Bethesda...

Money, money, money!

PsycheMax1688d ago

I love Bethesda game and all. But that stuff is ridicoulous! :O

MasterCornholio1688d ago

Now that was just one of the stupidest cases I have ever read. Seriously


MAJ0R1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

nonono Scrolls is a carbon copy of TES because it has mountains and Skyrim has mountains

summarized quote of why bethesda is suing (they actually said that they are too similar because of mountains)

also glad the ruling came soon so Bethesda didn't keep wasting Notch's money

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