Microsoft's Bell talks hardware failure, Multiple console versions, HD-DVD & More

GameInformer writes:
"With the Xbox 360 cleaning up on the software side and crushing online with Xbox Live, we find out if having four different versions of Xbox 360 is confusing to the consumer. How has the failure rate of Xbox 360 been as of late, and what is the company doing to prepare for the holidays customer-service wise? What about this internal HD-DVD Xbox 360 rumors that keep coming to the surface? What other third-party exclusives are Microsoft pursuing? Bell answers all this and more in part two of Holiday Presence."

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Zhuk4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Jeff Bell is a funny guy, especially that Mass Effect video he did recently

Gamespot-equals-EGM4046d ago

"And your contribution to society is ... what?"

Old news but still funny:

hahahabutt4046d ago

Im proud to say that Jeff Bell knows his stuff and is a smart buisness man. Microsoft is lucky to have someone like him. and i agree with you Zhuk, he is a funny guy.

Zhuk4046d ago

he's an award winning marketer, just the kind of guy Microsoft needs to help expand its userbase

ThisIsWaiting4046d ago

thats true ... but thats behind the scenes.

He really should not be the 'face' of the 360.

DaEnforcer4046d ago

Like this scumbag would say any truth. Go M$ fill some more pockets and stage some more bogus happenings to lower the image of your competition.

ArmrdChaos4046d ago

like when Sony railed on MS in the beginning for not having 100% backward compatibility...we all know how that turned out.

DaEnforcer4046d ago

They didn't stage anything but stated the simple truth. And how did that turned out? Well, they still offer an over 90% BC compatible SKU.

ArmrdChaos4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Sony plain and simply used that statement to put the 360 in a negative light and then in the end was also unable to deliver on their own statement...irony at it's best.

I do recall a Sony division secretly placing rootkits on music CD's. The company they employed to create it "borrowed" code from the open source community without following GNU guidelines. So they basically stole from the public domain in order to keep those "evil" consumers from stealing from that's a major screw job.

My reply was only a means to illustrate ALL corporations can be viewed as evil and not just MS.

DrPirate4046d ago

Jeff Bell IS a smart man.

I just find he's embarrasing when he does his little stage performances.

The only thing that topped Jeff Bell playing Madden with the Football player was Chewbacca making the most random appearance at the Sony conference :P

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The story is too old to be commented.