Images of Dynasty Warriors 6

Gamersyde reports: Koei diffuses a new salvo of images for its Dynasty Warriors 6 on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. The french release date being scheduled for March 6, 2008, the developers still have plenty of time to polish the graphics. Beware the tigers!

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strongbad14414038d ago

but the screenshots are incredibly detailed. maybe my friend will rent it for his ps3 and i'll give it a shot

BloodySinner4038d ago

I totally love the PlayStation 2 graphics.

FF7numba14038d ago

lol DW yea they need to turn the graphics up

games4fun4038d ago

water looked descent that is about all i can say about it, more of the same i swear that game is the Madden for action fighting genre slightly changed rosters maybe a small graphics update. The only problem is i dont mind playing DW although i wont buy this one, its an easy way to relax without having to try really hard.

360Crusader4038d ago

They need to add more army strategy depth to the game. It would spice it up some.

games4fun4038d ago

they need to do something

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