Americas Sales for the Week Ending November 17th, 2007

If the week ending November 17th is any indication, the videogame industry is going to see record sales this holiday season. Moving closer to Black Friday and Christmas, videogame software and hardware sales have continued their remarkable upward climb.

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MK_Red4044d ago

Wow, the PS3 and 360 versions of Assassins actually outsold Mario Galaxy. Not bad. AC and new IPs FTW! Hope Mass Effect, Uncharted and Rock Band manage to sell more than 500k in their debuts.

BrotherNick4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I want rock band ;_; only game I want to play of the other two consoles, maybe some halo and uncharted too :) I can't justify a console for one or two games though.

Meus Renaissance4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Although Uncharted had a limited release on Friday, it's officially out this week but I'm not confident that it'll be the seller it deserves :( But then again VGChartz was way off the mark with Ratchet as it implied sales bombed whereas Sony said it made a decent debut of 200K?

PS3 users need to start buying games, especially the good ones.

Hardware sales: Sony need to match sales for the NA market. If they do that, I think it would be a positive considering that there are no major exclusives on the console yet. However, they need to take Europe by the neck. Although it's outselling Microsoft there, it's not by a significant amount.

lawman11084044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

If this game does not break 100,000 by next week Sony is is BIG trouble

Was that R&C I saw sunk in solid at #49 out of 50?

BtW there are about 150 copys of Assassins Creed on ebay already trying to get one for around 45 bucks Just won AC on ebay $47 bucks

lawman11084044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I am sure Sony Shipped 200k they sure did not sell 200k Just don't forget "It's the Sony brand everybody!" with a number of modest hits on Wii but few outright sensational or awful sellers, either bombs or hits on PS3, and almost all hits on Xbox 360.

ruibing4044d ago

Lawman please stop changing avatars, it is becoming harder and harder to spot you...

SlippyMadFrog4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

C'mon guys, how about fighting lawman with facts and arguments instead of petty insults.

@ Loopy
I was actualy talking about the PS3 games not selling well argument.
Lawman may have said it in not a very nice way but it is true, PS3 games are not selling well. It shows in the attach rate.

Loopy4044d ago

Well, if you need arguments instead of petty insults...
How about he bought the game at 47$, and he has to pay shipping (let's say 10$?) and the game cost 59$... So, that is... 2$ profit for buying a used game over a new one.

What a bargain !

The Killer4044d ago

u racist!! and ur hate towards ps3 maybe is connected to ur racisms!!
back to topic, well VGchartz are not accurate! they always give estimates but they cant give ur the real sale not even close sometimes!!
can someone tell me how can i ignore someone?? i wanna ignore some racist people in here!!

thanks in advance!

mesh14044d ago

THE SAD truth why ps3 games are not selling is that A LOT AND ILL SAY IT AGAIN A lot of none gamers PURCHASED the ps3 tbh i wud say if the ps3 was a stand alone games machine with the excat same noe gamer feautres the 360 and didnt have blue disk the truth is that the total sale of the ps3 at thisday WOULD be 2.5 million units sold world wide instead of the 5million they sold there is no other way to explain this its very basc as no gamer that has a ps3 wud lets games slip buy and wud not buy it the ps3 has a upmarket/POSH following and most ppl that have a ps3 have a HIGH END PC as they got the ps3 when ot was £800 +games and other stuff prolly more money.

cmrbe4043d ago

Its not what he is just posted above me that pissed me off. I viewed some of the pics he posted in another thread and i say he is a bloody racist. He gives americans a bad name. I apologize for my outburst. I am cool with x360 fans but not xbots and definitely not racist xbots.

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gamesblow4044d ago

I love how these idiots are chalking up partial release sales as full sales. They did it with R&C and now they're doing it with Uncharted. What a piece a' damn joke!

R&C came out on the 30th, but everyone counts the limited release on the 21st and now they're doing it with Uncharted. The damn game just came out yesterday, offically.

This is why VG cannot be trusted.

Danja4044d ago

while I can understand where your coming from..I also thought that , but remember that Gamestop has been selling the game since friday and every other retail got the game on the 19th

so those are just 2 days figures from gamestop stores im guessng..and the numbers aren't bad either...

mboojigga4044d ago

Wow for a company you don't work for you sure do have a bag full of excuses ready to in your arsenal. Halo 3 had 5 days before the 1st of the month when released and in addition it was leaked out a week prior all over the world.

lawman11084044d ago

That is NOT the game an adult who pays $400 bucks for a game system wants to see. Like it or not , it's a kids game (or thats the way it is look upon.. right or wrong) NOBODY is paying $60 bucks for THAT game. They drop it to around $30 sales may come up because people want good deals on good games.

Danja4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Im sure R&C numbers will pick up dude...the Franchise was never known to have explosive 1st week sales then fall down the charts it sell well consistently per week...and alot of ppl will buy this game over the ways...with the PS3 install base increasing expect this to follow in the footsteps of Motorstorm and RFOM

Jump out dude ur sinking too deep in M$ a$$hole..that the only thing that comes out of your mouth is crap..!!

Chaos Striker4044d ago

I bought R& obviously that makes everything you 'try' to assert invalid.

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PS3 Limps on and on4044d ago

VG charts = nothing. Didn't you guys learn already?

HarryEtTubMan4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Publisher Totals: Console Week
Nintendo 1,641,412
Microsoft 276,496
Sony 229,887
LOLLLLLL Expect this to change DRASTICALLY in 200/09.


There is no difference any longer... And that will change soon also. I'm really think PS3 is winning worldwide... I know they are... they lost by 65,000 in NA and probally won by AT LEAST 50,000 in Japan... what about Europe. LOL LOL LOL


JasonPC360PS3Wii4044d ago

You mean "LOLLLLLL Expect this to change DRASTICALLY in 2109" Wait B3YOND or Wait Forever for the Delaystation