Sci Fi Takes On Mass Effect Tonight

Kotaku reports:

The Sci Fi Channel's special on Bioware's Mass Effect is airing tonight, giving fence-sitters an extra-half hour's worth of information-and, no doubt, glowing praise-on the space epic. The special is definitely airing at 11 PM in both the EST and PST time zones, but folks in every region should check their local listings for specific times. The reason? It's airing in some regions at 8. The first act is available for preview above.

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Zhuk4041d ago

I hope this show goes on Bittorrent quick so us foreigners can enjoy it too

Schmitty074041d ago

Probably be talking about everything we already know

osirisomeomi4041d ago

The media loves xbox 360 games. Don't see how Sony and Nintendo can compete with this kind of free advertising.

mesh14041d ago

FFFFFFSSS I H8 THE MEDIA why do they have to get ablack guy that talks like a twat alwsy to potray us like that i h8 the media why is the lack guy is th eonly 1 talkinliek abuffon ? why didnt they brin a normal black man ther e amilluion of black ppl that dont live in th eUSA and talk like that a million more that do that dont talk like that but they bring this buffon

mesh14041d ago


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