Official PlayStation Store for PC Update

Playstation blog has just released an official PlayStation Store for PC Update.

The new PlayStation Store for the PC marks the first time that Sony has made the PlayStation Network accessible to the millions of PSP owners who don't own a PlayStation 3.

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riksweeney3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I think for the European store they should just redirect the browser to about:blank

MaximusPrime_3775d ago

im from Europe (UK) and it directed me to PS store.

You, sir, is mistaken.

riksweeney3775d ago


Obviously I'm only joking. This is supposed to be an ongoing joke about the lack of content in the European store.

Think Giant Enemy Crab.

Skerj3775d ago

Yeah if you login with a EU PSN account you get to the appropriate store. That said, I WANT BEATS!!

Darkiewonder3775d ago

you get directed to the appropriate store whenever they link up the Playstation network account. [Ashame I can't figure out my Japan PSN password] I want to see the many pages of games for them.]

_Jedge3775d ago

Sorry haven't replied to your comments. And to Rowland because i didn't edit the title.

Cool site. I loved the layout

BaMYouRDeaD3774d ago

Great idea. I wish it was a bit less laggy though =(