Top Ten Most Badass Weapons in Gaming History - #2 The Darkness

Ripten counts down the top ten most badass weapons in gaming history, and The Darkness slithers its way to #2, proving there's a very good reason to be afraid of the dark.

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MK_Red4042d ago

Darkness powers were indeed sweet but needed a lot of polish and balancing. Hope they fix them for Darkness 2.

Charlie26884042d ago

but they are good? I ordered the game yesterday from amazon...for sweet 30 bucks :D

solar4042d ago

this game was horrible. pure crap. a turd covered in burnt hair. the graphics were god aweful, the slithers never went where you wanted them too and the camera for them blew, id put my damn x-hair on an enemy and shoot 5 feet over his damn head, yuck. i took it back to blockbuster and demanded they take this filth off the shelves. they didnt listen :(

BloodySinner4042d ago

I'm guessing that was the PS3 version you were playing it on.

albus9354042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I played the ps3 version from start to end and didnt have any of the problems you mentioned Solar. I thought it was a great game. One of the better console FPS.

solar4041d ago

eh, guess im in the minority. and yes it was the ps3 version.

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mesh14042d ago

never played this game bu i dont think it deserves this

HarryEtTubMan4042d ago

They just blew this list.. the darkness is really cool but no where near #2 all time.

7ero H3LL4042d ago

the Darkness is INDEED the pivotal point for me in gaming, when I saw that there are developers out there with vision enough to create such an awe inspiring game as this is. They truly went out of the box and made this character into his own, like no other. And his story was just as awesome. Having those eel claws freakin tearin the sh*t out of your opponents. It tops my list. No one else comes close.

xXheidiXx4041d ago

they sure do come in handy those nasty little buggers :)

Bolts4041d ago

The Darkness? Are you kidding me?? The Darkness powers were cool but they certainly wasn't "badass". To qualify as a badass weapon there must be balance in terms with the other weapons. You can't just give the players the power create a blackhole in the middle of the game that suck away baddies then call it a badass weapon. Its lame thats what it is.

There is a difference between a tough as nail space marine clearing a room full of demons with his BFG and some guy with demon powers running around eating people's hearts. One is using a regular joe with a badass weapon while the other is just using some cheesy over the top powers.

games4fun4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

this game is given way to much credit, its not a classic and it hasn't had established success not to mention its overkill its like being a level 99 character in a game and fighting a lvl 1 monster and say your character is one of the most powerful characters in history. And if were doing this then any of the over the top attacks from the FF's count as well as the Hammer of Dawn shooting from the sky and then shooting from the gun too lol :)


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