Review: 4.25/5 for Trauma Center: New Blood

Taking a break away from crowded cities and harried emergency rooms, New Blood drops you in a remote Alaskan hospital where two talented doctors, Dr. Markus Vaughn and Dr. Valerie Blaylock are obviously wasting their talent on treating simple illnesses and maladies. Dr. Vaughn has mastered the invaluable healing touch, while Dr. Blaylock is getting close. However, the forces that be won't let the two doctors spend all their time on small tumors for long, and they are soon called upon to face a new terrifying medical menace named Stigma.

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ItsDubC4038d ago

You played it and it was boring?

Brainiac 84038d ago

The Trauma Center games are some of the most addicting puzzle/surgery sims out there. They are also tougher than you would expect, and are very much a "hardcore" franchise.

Losers like him feel they don't actually have to try the game out before passing judgement on it. It's the cool thing to do with our current generation of teenagers it seems.