IGN Reviews College Hoops 2K8 (8/10 PS3) (8.2/10 360)

IGN: "All across the country, in gyms and arenas, schools are prepping their basketball teams with secret weapons to be unleashed against rival squads. It's not a new offensive or defensive set that will confuse and hamper the plans of opposing coaches. It's not paying off referees in a Donaghy-like scandal to make calls for one particular team. Nor is it sending cheerleaders in front of the visiting bench to distract players. The secret weapon is the fans in the stands and the energy boost given to the home team, and it's one of the new adjustments made to College Hoops 2K8, the latest installment from 2K Sports. While the game features a large number of new features that really bolster the feel of the college experience, play on the court is still plagued by some old issues that really detract from the impressive job made by Visual Concepts".

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MK_Red3990d ago

There we go again. A sports game for PS3 and 360. IGN giving lower score to PS3 version...
...Prepares flame shield.

kingofps33990d ago

nah... no big deal. IGN blows anyways.

xplosneer3990d ago

Were you saying that when they gave Uncharted a 9.1? No?

games4fun3989d ago

.2 didnt they add the .021385938276 extra off as well for that controller feel?

.2 now i can sense the xbox people wanting to lord over everyone the .2 of excellence they have recieved. LOL i cant blame them its not like if this were the other way around we would not hear the same thing only with flipped fanboy console base. I am getting sick of these threads waits for this to reach over a 100 posts as both sides tout what great games they have and the issues the other console has.

WIIIS13989d ago

Same excuses all the time - if it's not the devs who suck, it's the reviewers who blow. Try this for a change - Sony screwed up.

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Not big deal if you have a brain... Diferent teans reviews... IGN UK would have probably another score.

InMyOpinion3989d ago

Same reviewer on both versions. Jeff Haynes.

"Graphics 7.5
Smooth frame rate and well animated players are somewhat hampered by stiff crowd animations and some similar looking teammates. Frame rate issues and texture seams also hurt the PS3 version."

360 got 8.0 there.

Can't blame EA on this one. What to do Sonykids? That's right, blame IGN for your inferior console...

power of Green 3989d ago

EA sucks!, oh wait EA did not develope this game.

P4KY B3989d ago

Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!

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The story is too old to be commented.