GameSpy gives 3.5/5 to PS3 Time Crisis 4

In case you haven't noticed, the shooter genre is thriving, and there is a glut of games on the market to prove it. There's shooters of every style and flavor -- first-person shooters (Halo 3, Call of Duty 4), third-person shooters (Gears of War), on-rails shooters (Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles), even RPG-shooters (Mass Effect). But when it comes to light-gun shooters, there's really only one franchise that matters and that's Time Crisis.

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Bladestar3990d ago

this score is better than 1up... but paying that much for a 3.5 game is not worth it.... get rock band!

MK_Red3990d ago

It got the same score as 1UP, except that was out of 10 and this is out of 5.
So a quick recap: 8/10 from IGN, 7/10 from GameSpy, 3.5/10 from 1UP...
And they said there is nothing wrong with review system. If that isn't living proof then I don't know what it is. I personally think Time Crisis 4 is in the middle 4/10 to 6/10 would be more suitable IMO because the demo (at GDC or TGS) was really bad and generic with terrible graphics.

paul_war3989d ago

I miss-read this and thought it was another 3.5/10. Glad its not though, Time Crisis games are great, the new light gun looks good as well, cannot wait. (though in Europe I think I'll be waiting longer)


Not my cup of tea anyway... Interesting how reviewers care to don't look bias; The guy put exemples on mane shooter, but avoided PS3 games as much as possible, since it's a PS3 review. Sad thing that this situation with reviews have come to a point where people need to show their hand to you so you can believe he is not cheating.

secretmode3990d ago

Makes me feel better for liking this game. one 7 and two 8's... But the FPS is really terrible

Double-Edged3989d ago

what a crap game.
I feel sorry for those PS3idiots that thought this game was gonna help PS3 in anyway.
This game sucks


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