GameSpot Reviews Ultimate Mortal Kombat: "The Best Portable MK Game to Date"

GameSpot writes:
"Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was the last 2D game in the MK series and, by far, the fastest of the bunch. It added a run button that the previous games didn't have, amped up the combo system, and added a lot of interesting new characters, all while maintaining the game's digital, photographic look. The finishing moves got more ridiculous, too, with animalities--where your fighter turns into some kind of animal and does something to your opponent--joining the regular fatalities, babalities, and friendships. But even the regular fatalities became crazier. For example, Liu Kang can make an MK2 arcade machine drop out of the sky to crush his victim. It wasn't as serious as the Mortal Kombat games that came before it, and it's certainly not as serious as the darker set of MK games that appeared on the previous generation of consoles. It's goofy, but it's also one of the better 2D fighters from its era. It controls just fine on the DS, and it's still a lot of fun."

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MK_Red4016d ago

MK3 is definitly my fave 2D MK but gameplay wise, I prefer MK2. My fave fatalty the vertical slice by Kung Lao's hat is also from MK2 but aside from those, MK3 and UMK3 were everything I could want as a MK fan back then and now this is one of the reasons I'm buying DS. More than any other game(Except maybe Fallout), I'm an MK fan.("MK"_Red)

Danja4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

LOL..yup ur screen name says it all....

I am definetly gonna pick this up for my DS..even though I can easily just put it on my PSP..UMK3 is by far my fav MK game..!!

haha know where is Killer Instinct..

Komrad4016d ago

i'll wait for MK_Red to review this game before making any decisions.

Ri0tSquad4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

You would prefer MK2's broken, unbalanced, gameplay over UMK3's balanced gameplay? Ok...... Cant wait for this game and I'm buying a DS for this master piece.

Depends on what MK game were talking about because I see your saying MK3 and I'm talking about UMK3 which fixed all of MK3's bugs, Sub-zero's freeze, Sindel's scream and so on. But MK2 is just plain broken!!! I know from experience and not by what he or she said or told me. UMK3 has everything MK2 was supposed to have! I play MK2 online (ps3) and its the most boring slow paced MK game in history. Theres so many different ways you can prove this. Kitana doing 35% or 40% damage by doing jump kick + fan is just insane! MK2 gameplay is very limited which stops it from being what ultimately became UMK3 which will never get old.

MK_Red4016d ago

God I can't wait for more Killer Instinct :)

Thanks Komrad :) Gotta buy a DS and this one ASAP. I actually bought my PSP just for Mortal Kombat: Unchaited (Which was a huge letdown but thankfully games like Lumines and Mercury made my PSP more than worthy of it's price).

Ri0tSquad, there is a rather big divide between MK fans who consider MK3's sytems to be more broken. Both games have their exploits but there have been more problems in MK3 compared to MK2. In the end, MK3 is indeed my fave 2D MK.

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MK_Red4016d ago

Well, as I said, my other fave game is Fallout so I use MK for my username and Fallout for my avy. My GameSpot account is the opposite. I use Fallout in my username and MK logo as my avy :)

BLUR1114016d ago

, killer instinct was so awesome they need to make a new one , and a awesome new mk thats amazing to!

MK_Red4015d ago

New MK and KI on the next gen hardware with HD graphics would be mindblowing.

Astro4016d ago

Are you on Gamespot? How come, if they gave 7.5 to Ratchet and 8/10 to Uncharted. LOL