Official: Sony Is Planning To Launch PlayStation Phone

After several months of rumors, it has been confirmed that Sony is currently indeed working on the PlayStation Phone project to bring the power of a video game console to a mobile phone device. It has also been confirmed that Sony had already submitted an application for a mobile telecommunication device with video game functions to the U.S. Patents and Trademark Office.

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Boink3959d ago

why not just build phone functionality to the psp rather that make a new peripheral?

or just build psp type software that would run on their sony ericsson phones?

seems easier and cheaper to me...

peksi3959d ago

I bet that is the way they do it and what they make it to be on the outside is another thing. But I still go with my Nokia :)

NRG3958d ago

Could you imagine seeing people walking down the street holding their PSP up to the side of their head? :)

aiphanes3959d ago

I would be so all over this...and it better have the xmb interface and wifi...and 3G....if they could sell this for less than $200 with at least 8 to 16 gb of flash ram....hmmm

Danja3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Definetly i'll be all over this if they included what you mentioned..but im just hoping they don't do a overkill with the price ala "IPhone"..but I can see them pricing it between $200-$250.

unsunghero283958d ago

Then a lot of people would be very happy.

Then again, the PSP was $250 when it launched. My guess is that to get a $200 price point the PS Phone would have to seriously cut back on technical ability and wouldn't be nearly as technologically advanced for its time as its PSP.

IMO, even if the PS Phone will just take the guts of a PSP and add phone functionality, we're looking at a $250 or higher pricepoint, plus monthly fees.

name3959d ago

I'd much rather them design a new model. I own a psp slim and I'm satisfied with it, but I want the phone to be both reliable as a phone and reliable as a psp. I'd prefer this much more than say, an Iphone. I hope it's under 400 dollars. :( Maybe it can have remote play for the ps3 too =D

beoulve3959d ago

trying to fight iphone, they already have sony ericsson, why not PSPhone. Sound like a great idea, let see how they gonna implement it. I hope it doesn't play UMD.

hahahabutt3959d ago

If this is true, then Sony is really trying to control the industry from phone, to gaming, to t.v. to high def media. Clearly shows how Sony wants to control every one. Which is not good for us consumers (on the topic, this would be a gimmic and I won't buy, my cell is good enough).

mattkelly19913959d ago

You really are a f*cking idiot, I didn't think that it was possible for someone to be as stupid as you. its called Vertical Intergration you "Ducking Fumbass".

sagapo3958d ago

hehe, your "cell" is good enough....