Sony Boss Says PS3 "Momentum" On Par With PS2

The main man at Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, finds the current state of the PlayStation 3 simply peachy. In fact, Stringer thinks the Blu-ray ready PS3 could match the PlayStation 2 in terms of success, according to an e-mail interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

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Boink3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I wish I could have some of the drugs that sony execs smoke...

ps2 had sold 10 million the first year, and had stock shortages all over.

The ps3 well....not so much.

Danja3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Do you think if the PS3 launchd had at $399 it wouldn't have experienced shortages for months non stop ala the Wii.? sold freaking well for beign priced at $599 ..the 360 wouldn't have even survived a year beign priced like that..

I think the PS3 will follow in the PS2 footsteps..but honestly I don't see them selling 130mill PS3's as they are doing with the PS2(hence it's still selling quite well)

But every previous PS owner knows that the 1st year is always a slow start and once Sony gets the ball rollin it's game on..and that's what happening wth the PS3 right now..

Go buy Uncharted truly amazing game that every PS3 owner need to experience..!!

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Boink3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

no I don't think it would have had shortages like the wii. lack of titles, and an undecided format war were also big factors in holding the ps3 back from ps2's success. the would have done a bit better with a lower price, but not by much.

*edit: and could someone please wake up and take mark1's contributor status away?

GIJeff3955d ago

Dude, were you under a rock when the ps2 launched? what games did it have? coolboarders2001? The system was hard to dev for, lack of titles(compared to the dreamcast), the ports were bad(dreamcast had no "jaggies" remember?), the deamcast had better online functionality, the media hated it, all the dreamcast fans said it was the death of sony for sure... didnt have much out of the gate. But its a snowball, just kept rolling...and now look at it. The ps3 is looking to do the same exact thing. People like the diversity that the playstation brand has on its machines. Wait for the price to hit the sweet spot(around 250.00US) and it will start flying off shelves. and yea, i know the ps2 started selling really well when it went 199.00 but lets face it, 250.00 is the new sweet spot.

Skerj3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Thank you GIJeff, because I was one of the ones who said the SAME thing. When the PS2 came out we played it out everyday to see if it could outdo the Dreamcast, for the first year it didn't even come close. The DC trounced it with its library of good games, which was the last time I bought more than 1-2 launch titles for a system. The online play was awesome, we used to play Quake 3 cross platform all the time on DC/PC and PSO was like space Diablo crack. Everyone I knew had one and we are a bunch of fighting game fanatics so MVC/2, KOF99/2K, Powerstone/2, SFA3, SF3:NG/2I (W Impact on DC), 3rd strike, VF3, Project Justice (Rival Schools 3), and JoJo's Bizzarre adventure all got MAJOR play in our area.

I was VERY excited for the PS2 only after seeing the ZoE and MGS2 trailers at E3 that year. Then that launch and the subsequent games had me like "wtf? these aren't good". So I was pretty sure the DC would outlast it, my how quickly that changed. The PS2 picked up the pace like a bullet train and the DC was cast off like a leper. I didn't think it would happen but it did. Anyone who says the PS3 isn't performing like the PS2 did apparently doesn't remember history because the PS2 sucked at first, and now I have 70-100 PS2 games that speak of its growth.

I'm just happy that Sony is learning from the dumb things they said prior to launch and are fixing the issues they've been lambasted for throughout this year. Live's success forced them to take online play way more seriously than they did last gen and that's what I was hoping for. If they keep on they'll have no problem matching the PS2's success.

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Spike473955d ago

the ps3 really does have the potential to have atleast some of the sucess the ps2 did.

even with all the bashing and high prices and no games the ps3 sells the same amount of consoles the 360 did in it's first year.

so maybe with all those incredible titles and at an affordable price the ps3 might sell alot more.

Bnet3433955d ago

that brand name had something to do with it? Here look you even said it:

"all the bashing and high prices and no games"

So I ask you this, if what you just said above it true, why in the hell would you buy a PS3 in the first place? Oh wait I know ... it's playstation DUH!

Peekay3955d ago

no not really - its cos of this - an impressive stable of worldwide development support, and Sony's willingness to get behind unique ideas (Amplitude, Shadow of the Colossus, etc.) and support them alongside their more trusted, traditional products.

Bnet3433955d ago

I was talking about why PS3 sold decent in it's first year. And for the record Xbox 360 sold 10.4 million in it's first year and PS3 only sold around 6 million.

eagle213955d ago

These disagrees need a history lesson. Over 8,500 titles on ps2, half of those asian: hint hint. DVD playback (was the new hot format): hint hint. Rockstar and Square juggernaut exclusives (and I mean jugger): hint hint. Consistent first party (not just the fall months: hint hint. Global brand: hint hint. Hardcore and casual balance: hint hint. Who else?

Peekay3955d ago

I’m not sure where you get your info from but the Ps3 has only been out in Pal territories for just over six months. The Ps3 was reported to have sold $6 million two months ago. There’s a huge chance that the ps3 will sell more than $10.4 million units before November (Japan & NA) and March next year for Pal territories (combined). Unfortunately we won’t know much until Sony’s fiscal report is out in March next year. Oh and just for the record the 360’s growth has been stagnant worldwide ever since the Wii and Ps3 were released.

GIJeff3955d ago

see! at least someone sees it.

salgoods3955d ago

where are you getting your first year 360 sales from? cuz i have them at about 7 mil first year and 2nd year so far about the same. so either they have been selling consistently since launch or they had a really good first year and a terrible second year.

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scrillakiller3955d ago

sony knows what theyre doing.they didnt run the game indust bein stupid.ps3 will follow suit.i even hear people in gamespot talking good of ps3 now.the tide is rising people

solar3955d ago

that guy has one square ass head

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