2K's Martin Slater: "DirectX 10 Offers Your Gameplay Nothing"

2K Australia's Martin Slater gave his opinions on Microsoft's Direct X10 in an interview last weekend at Gameconnect. The link below takes you to the written extractions of the interview.One of the extractions includes:

"..DirectX 10, probably for the next three, four, five years is not important to you.."

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GIJeff3716d ago

I just dont see the point right now of changing everything from DX9. Of corse, I prefer OpenGL anyways....

Shaka2K63716d ago

Yeah windows vista flops again.

Tarmgar3716d ago

Another reason why I'm not getting Vista any time soon. Xp Foreva!

Xi3716d ago

i doubt that, in the next 2 years it'll have a lot of functionality.

Andreiy3716d ago

Next year there's gonna be directX 10.1

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The story is too old to be commented.
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