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IncGamers: Dragons, magic, landscapes and love triangles.

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Bobbytheblobby2499d ago

i like that you encounter dragons so soon in the game. too often you get gamesthat save the big stuff to the end and its all over too soon.

memots2499d ago

LOL at anyone who would actually watch that.. 3 hours of spoiler ???

memots2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Even if its not a video i do not want to know about how game plays for 3 the first 3 hours it is still spoilers.

Dovahkiin2499d ago

Actually click the link before jumping the gun.

MasterD9192499d ago

I don't see how this won't be GOTY.

Bobbytheblobby2499d ago

uncharted 3, gears 3, forza 4, battlefield 3.

i'm looking forward to skyrim alot, but i think i'll enjoy other games more

MasterD9192499d ago

BF3 has about the same chance of MW3 of being GOTY- slim to none.

Uncharted & Gears are head to head but I don't think will get the title either. Arkham City also has a chance in between there as well.

Forza 4 will not get GOTY. Period.

Skyrim, like Oblivion is going to impress the critics who will probably throw it the GOTY award. I'm not saying it will be the most fun- but it will critically surpass these other games most likely. I agree with you on that.

eak32499d ago

I've been longing for this game for so long-now, these last 3+ weeks are going to be killer. These new screens are fabulous.