When Did Gamers Become So Soft?

All of which begs the question: since when did the did a game's difficulty become a point of interest? Is it the case that modern games have become too easy? Or maybe, just maybe, we've all grown too soft...?

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NukaCola1685d ago

I don't really get this article. He basically ragged on PS3 games to prove that Dark Souls is brutal? Why not talk about PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls? I don't really understand the logic of IGN. Heavy Rain isn't super challenging in the QTEs, but the harder difficulties make it tough under the pressure. Uncharted and GOW3 are very challenging on harder modes. I don't really get you IGN. Always coming off like a bunch of asses.

iamnsuperman1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I agree but it depends what IGN writer you get. Some are good who produce some good articles. The rest not so good. GOW 3 is really hard on the hardest difficulty. What I find is that games should be difficult but not in a way which means when playing an FPS it seems everyone is shooting at you. I like realistic difficulty in this circumstance (ARMA). But I get a different enjoyment from playing more arcade shooters at a normal difficulty. There needs to be a balance between enjoyable and hard. Lets not forget the gaming industry is a entertainment industry trying to provide us entertainment not sheer frustration. There are some games out their IGN which have difficulty settings. Try turning it up

theonlylolking1685d ago

I still want to know why IGN is rated 3 stars on this site.

nycredude1684d ago

I play all my games on the hardest difficulty available on the first go. This guy from IGN should try it sometimes. Also why is UC2 pic here? Try the game on crushing and tell me if it is easy.

I think IGN has grown soft.

PixL1685d ago

The person who wrote this piece never challenged a game. Maybe he just played them fast on easy to write about them. I bet if you looked at his PSN profile, there would be no or few platinums. This piece was written for clicks of trolls and shows the typical IGN quality, meaning none.

Septic1685d ago

Developers did when they decided to make their games 'accessible' for the masses for the sake of profitability.

Hufandpuf1685d ago

That's the truest thing I've eva heard.

SageHonor1685d ago

Here is a bubble. IGN just want hits haha

ZBlacktt1685d ago

The top story says Dark Souls was beat in 1 hour 26 mins. So is it really that mind blowing hard? Or is it just some gamers are better then other's? Not everyone can have the same level of skill. Find what you enjoy and play for the fun of it.

FunAndGun1685d ago

When gaming went mainstream.

digitaleraser1685d ago

So you mean in the late '80s, when everyone had a Nintendo?

FunAndGun1685d ago

yeah, all the KIDS!

Today, video games are the highest grossing form of entertainment.

antz11041684d ago

The original Mega Man series was gaming STEROIDS. If you could beat one of those you could go fist fight a tiger.

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