Killer Ads for Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft may not have the marketing budget of a Microsoft or Electronic Arts, but they know how to orchestrate a compelling video game campaign. Assassin's Creed certainly benefited.

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MK_Red4046d ago

I think it was a really great ad campaign. The first trailer from 2006 was mindblowing. The trailer from Ubi Days with supebr with amazing music and lots of great gameplay footage. The TV ads have all been interesting and beautiful. AC is a game well worth the hype and the wait.

jcgamer4046d ago

It was a very well executed and enjoyable ad campaign...they had the TV commercial aired during the Patriots/Colts game, which was the most watched NFL regular season game on a Sunday afternoon EVER...that set it off...

Skerj4046d ago

The Lonely Souls trailer was easily the best one in my eyes, being a very huge Unkle fan. In fact I played the game with my custom soundtrack playing mostly Unkle/Dj Shadow/Dan the Automator/Tricky stuff. Trip Hop and Downtempo seemed to fit the game's atmosphere very well.

360sucks4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

the game looks good
game play sucks
360 owners love this game
because there use to crap
ps3 owners no what im talking about
Uncharted Drake's Fortune game play
put assassin game play 2 shame

ThisIsWaiting4046d ago

thats to #4.

Im really liking it on my 360.

I would have gotten it for the PS3 but ... really, I like Achievements ... and it seems like the PS3 version plays like dookie - go figure.

Between Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, COD4, Halo3, The Orange Box and wanting to play through Bioshock again ... my 360 is making me a very happy gamer right now.

I actually already sent my copy of Uncharted back to Gamefly ... the controls are a$$ and really ... there are just better things to play on the 360 right now.

Skerj4046d ago

Nah it's buggy on both systems, 360's bugs are just as bad as the PS3 version. But it's still a good game.

chasegamez4046d ago

i see why George Bush is the president