Have Wii Been Had?

Matt Waldron of writes, "One year after the Wii's release, it can easily be described as an unquestionable success, selling at an astronomical rate that has outpaced both the 360 and the PS3. But now that a year has passed, looking back on the Wii, we might ask if it is really turning out to be all that its customers had hoped for? Despite promises to revolutionize the way people play games, now, one year later, the Wii is looking poised as ever to follow the same tired and typical Nintendo model. Succeeding largely on a series of one-shot first party "mascot games" whose IPs largely remain unchanged since the days of the NES. Ironically enough, perhaps it is the Wii's innovation that is ultimately to blame for its stagnation."

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Boink3961d ago

and so true. I don't think people will remember what a wii is by xmas '08

gamesR4fun3961d ago

It not like it hasnt been done before...

cooke153960d ago

Ok.. You do realize they are pumping out 1.8 million units a month and selling through all of them right?

Milkman5413961d ago

The Wii will countine to sell well for a while...I'd say a good couple of years but software sales will be a joke unless it's a first party title...

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The story is too old to be commented.