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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1579d ago | news

Battlefield 3 PC on Low is Console Settings, says DICE

GB: "Well now we finally know the truth. Console versions aren’t comparable to the PC version at all. In fact, DICE has optimized the PC version so much that it towers above the console versions. Also, to run the game on ULTRA settings on the PC, you need multi-GPUs to maintain a 60fps framerate." (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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terrordactyl  +   1579d ago
Gee, thanks for letting us know. It's important that we hear the pc version is better at least 459 times per day.

What this site needs is more articles telling us that BF3 is best on pc.

/sarcasm off
Tachyon_Nova  +   1579d ago
There's a difference between being better on PC and the bare minimum PC spec being the same as the console versions though surely. Kind of points out that you really don't have to spend much on a PC to beat console graphics.
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zeeshan  +   1579d ago
There is NO way consoles can match the PC quality. Consoles are old tech now and PC tech keeps changing every now and then. So lets please put the whole PC vs Console aside for a second and hear me out.

Lately, I think that DICE are trying to scream PC superiority because they want some of that COD crown migrating to BF titles. I am not going call it a fact since I haven't played COD titles on PC but from the footage I saw on youtube, PC versions are not that different from their console counterparts even with superior PC technology. It seems that DICE are begging PC COD fans to see that they have done something for them and they made this game for them while throwing the left overs for us console owners.

Ok, DICE, I get it. Can you please move on now? And can the moron who keep posting this sh&& on their site every day stop doing this now? It is not like that we don't know. We KNOW, WE KNOW! We knew it when we saw the Caspian border trailer for the first time.
vulcanproject  +   1579d ago
Last time i commented on this, was because people were saying that you needed a killer PC to beat the consoles.

I pointed out that the MINIMUM spec for BF3 was a core 2 and an 8800GT- a machine and GPU considerably faster than the consoles. Thus EVERYONE playing BF3 on PC, i.e everyone that meets bare minimum spec would be playing a version at least as good as console but in reality probably end up better.

This comment did not go down well and got tonnes of disagrees. Well read the article and argue i wasn't right first time around...
Dark_king  +   1579d ago
@zeeshan Really no way,I can think of a way to make the 360 or PS3 match PC.Its actually not that hard to do,Its this lovely thing called cloud computing.Just think Onlive but using the consoles.However this wouldn't really be the consoles matching PC but who cares about the little details.
Persistantthug  +   1579d ago
@vulcanproject......Pretty much all of the games I've seen that are run on MINIMUM spect PCs...
they almost always have problems.....they usually barely run, if at all.

Battlefield 3 may be different, who knows, maybe they optimized well for these lower end PCs....but typically, games not running well on Minimum spec'd PCs is almost always the case.

For consoles, there is no "go between"....developers HAVE to make those games run, or else.

We'll see how it turns out, but I'd bet that Battlefield 3 on the consoles runs better overall than the typical 2gig machine with 2 gigs of ram and an 8800 card or equivalent.

We'll find out shortly.

Edit in.....Oh...I see you've blocked me. LOL
I suppose I do grate on some peoples sensitivity.
Oh well. Maybe next time, vulcanproject.
Take care.
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Pandamobile  +   1579d ago
People block you because we get tired of your insane ranty PMs.
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iamgoatman  +   1579d ago

Well you're wrong again, like I pointed out to you in the last big BF3 article with a comment very similar to vulcan's, seeing as a 8800 series card is pretty much the default minimum requirement for games these days, theres no way a console will be able to outperform it. At the very worst you'll have to put everything down to console settings, so no AA and 720p which is awful for a PC game but still no worse than consoles.

To say theres almost always problems with running at min specs is also wrong. I know this because I own an old PC with a dual-core CPU and a 8800GT, so basically the recommended spec for modern games, hell It even runs games perfectly fine when the min requirement is something higher like a GT260. I can tell you it has NEVER failed to run anything I've thrown at it, and if a game is properly optimised I can boost the res to true 1080p with maybe 2xAA which is something the consoles can't do.

What I think you're doing is overstating how well consoles actually run games, developers have to use a lot of smoke and mirror effects that mimic a PC game at higher settings as to not have a truly enormous gap in visuals. For example as long as the game has roughly the same overall look without anything too major missing, it can then implement the necessary cutbacks needed for it to run properly, so reduced textures sizes, small draw distances, less complex lighting, lower res shadows etc.
evrfighter  +   1579d ago
I enjoy pesistants ranty pm's I especially loved the time he thought steam was coming to ps3.

Hows steam working out for you btw pesistant. Better than you thought itd be?
Winter47th  +   1578d ago
The consoles' version of BF3 plays better than the PC. At least you don't have to optimize/update/reinstall 600 different drivers to get that piece'a shit working like it's supposed to.

Buy the consoles version, more streamlined, great online service, and all your cool friends are playing on it while some other dudes are too busy counting how many pixels to FPS ration are happening every second.
iamgoatman  +   1578d ago

"The consoles' version of BF3 plays better than the PC."

HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, the trick to trolling is subtly and believability, and your comment is about as subtle as screaming as loud as humanly possible, waving a sign with "I'm a colossal idiot" written on it.
vulcanproject  +   1578d ago
After casting a quick glance at the beta performance of people with dual core and 8800GT systems i see they had no trouble at all playing the game on 'low' in 1440 x 900 even with a smidgen of AA and vsync too, over 30 frames a second. 1440 x 900 being over 40 percent more resolution than the console resolution, which also have no AA and a 'soft' vsync that can and probably will tear when they drop frames.

I think this is conclusive evidence that BF3 will be better on PC for absolutely anyone who is playing it even with minimum requirements.

Typically betas perform poorer than final versions too, mainly a mix of last minute optimisations and sorted drivers for the game's launch giving you better performance.
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Winter47th  +   1578d ago
Hey goat did you install that pirated BF3 yet and contributed typically with the PC community or not.
caboose32  +   1578d ago

Oh umad!
elshadi  +   1579d ago
either this news on N4G
about how much better BF3 on pc for the 9000 time
carmack blaming everyone on earth for the 9000 time

yeah ..true
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Sarobi  +   1579d ago
I'd rather read thousands and thousands of replicated BF3 articles that continuously repeat the "Consoles are inferior" topic, than to read one of carmack's ragefests
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ATi_Elite  +   1579d ago
Battlefield 3 Personnel Computer!
I'll be playing on ULTRA....8xMSAA 16xAF 60+ FPS.....

1600p 30" 3D monitor for SP
5760 * 1080p 3 monitors for MP
flight stick for jets and Heli's
128 player Conquest mode maps! (hack servers)
9.1 Dolby Sound Surround
plus sometime in the future....BF3 w/ Icenhancer mod
and don't forget Carmack sucks!

*Edit* actually I bought Flight Sticks n Pedals for Take on Helicopters but I'm gonna use the stick in BF3 also!
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elshadi  +   1579d ago
yep bf3 on pc will be a beast of a game
day 1 for sure
my GTX580 is sooooooo ready for this game
Aggesan  +   1579d ago
U really got the equipment for that?! That's insane.
skip1020  +   1579d ago
hope my Mac can run this just as good
torchic  +   1579d ago
here's my equipment for Battlefield 3

Sony PS3
Dualshock 3 controller
Sony Bravia 40" 1080p HDTV
my little sister's folding chair (provides perfect elevation for TV)
my bedroom pillow for added spine support

nowhere near what you have but i bet i'll still enjoy the game as much as you :)
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bumnut  +   1579d ago
I didn't know 1600p 3D monitors existed, which one do you have?
Captain Qwark 9  +   1579d ago
my equipment list....

xbox 360
xbox 360 controller
sony bravia 40" 1080p tv
5.1 surround sound
24 player servers

torchic ir right.....
prob cost me 5000 less and i will enjoy the game just slightly less than you i bet, actually maybe more because i will have pizza and you wont....cant beat it for the price
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Perjoss  +   1579d ago
I'm sure if you looked hard enough you might find a cheap helicopter chasis with cockpit that you could install at home for that extra level of immersion.
nycredude  +   1579d ago
Ati Elite

I'll be playing on:

My PS3
DS3 Controller
Sony Bravia 52" Full LED 3D HDTV
7.1 Onkyo Surround Sound

and when I get bored I will put in Uncharted 3, maybe some Gt5 with my racing setup, Dark Souls, or Catch up on ICO Collection or GOW Origins.

OR I can just buy it for my laptop and connect it to my HDTV. Or both just to see the difference in Graphics.
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hiredhelp  +   1579d ago
Dude you have made the best comment on any bf3 yet.
Bubble voted dude he he.
limewax  +   1578d ago

No offence but there isn't a laptop out there that will max it, Unless you built a custom one with a dual SLI 580s or a 590
Ghoul  +   1578d ago
no offense but, does it make you feel to be someone special ATi-Elite?

just wondering really no offense but such comments allways make me wonder if you kinda push your ego by posting your pc specs ?

it doesnt make for a better game you know it just looks prettier.

We will all enjoy the game no matter what platform, bf3 is incredible i love it.


im pretty sure he means 1600p 30" with 3d glasses by nvidia
Yomaster  +   1578d ago
Here's MY Battlefield 3 Setup:
Xbox 360 w/ Xbox Live
Xbox 360 Controller
Samsung 51" Plasma 1080p Active 3D w/ 2D-3D Conv.
Onkyo HD 5.1 HDMI Surround
My fucking couch

If it got any better for me, I'd be beaming BF3 directly into my cerebral cortex while riding Nyan Cat, eating unicorn meat, drinking orphan tears, and shooting rainbows out my ass.
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Spinal  +   1579d ago
I really cant wait for this game to come out!! I'm so pumped!

Still using my Radeon 4870 1gb but i will be buying the Radeon 6950 in a week or two anyway so I can play on Ultra.

On Beta my Radeon 4870 was able to play on High settings.
meetajhu  +   1579d ago
i don't understand people,fanboyism. When a game runs very well on console and pc. The PC users bash the game because of console quality graphics. When a game runs better on PC the console users bash the developers and their game comparing it to their console exclusives which are always superior.

Eg1:-Rage-IMO best FPS this gen.
Eg2:-BF3 & Crysis - Both are kick ass games and also MW3 hopefully.
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Tarantino_Life  +   1579d ago
Rage best FPS this gen? Lol!
Yomaster  +   1578d ago
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but....c'mon bro, RAGE was balls!

I didn't even waste my time beating it before I sent it back to GameFly. XD

I had WAY more fun with Crysis 2 in 3D, IMO.
Gamer1982  +   1579d ago
like we already didn't know 0_o
solar  +   1579d ago
Kinda like the 10,000 article of how powerful the ps3 is? Yeah i get annoyed of that lie too. Facts however i can read all day long.
MWong  +   1579d ago
Are you sure you read the article?

I know everybody who has been playing any of the Battlefield games since they've been on the consoles arleady knew this fact.
InNomeDiDio  +   1579d ago
I doubt that it is even LOW in every detail on PS3 and X360. Well, is it native 720p on consoles or Sub-HD?

But who cares ... I don't have a console. So I'll play on Ultra Settings and Keyboard/Mouse - that alone is priceless.
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hiredhelp  +   1579d ago
Well i cant wait my sli is ready for this game Hell my build was built for this game.
That said i chosen pc over my ps3 leaving my online buddy's on ps3 playing bf3.
After recent ps3 mp map's being played it still looks awsome.
Bc2 was nice stop gap but now the real bf game starts boy am i stoked.

To the minimum spec
When i was enterd to play the pre alpha summer time, My coolermaster Haf X Setup wasnt ready so i ran this on my old system i now gave to my gf.
Core 2 duo e6600 2.3ghz
Ati 4870
With 4gb ddr3. Back then there no video graphical options but the game played well looked awsome. still had the edge over the consoles so if medium settings suits you.
Then that kinda setup wont break the bank.
dantesparda  +   1578d ago
You know you PC fanboys are a funny bunch. While i agree that the mouse is better for aimning thtan the analog stick. But come on, you're telling me that a kb is more comfortable than a controller?
#1.8.2 (Edited 1578d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
MariaHelFutura  +   1579d ago
It ok to be a graphic whore....if your a PC gamer.
iamgoatman  +   1579d ago
I wouldn't say it's ok, but at least it doesn't make you look like a complete loon :p
ATi_Elite  +   1578d ago
Yeh PC Gamers are such GRAPHICS WHORES yet we love playing:

League of Legends
Counter Strike
Team Fortress 2
a few of the LEAST graphical games ever but we are Graphical Whores while it's perfectly O.K. for a consoler to play on a $2000 T.V. but PC gamers get bashed for having a $2000 PC.

How Hypercritical.
#1.9.2 (Edited 1578d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
CrzyFooL  +   1578d ago
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1578d ago
This is really not about the PC version being better as much as the need for a next generation console now that we are 6 years into this gen.
Semir   1579d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Heishiro__Mitsurugi  +   1579d ago
pc is better blah blah blah. We get it. But, lets use MOH as an example when you dont focus on whats important, namely, the gameplay. I have faith in Dice to make them all rock, but this game is labelled a COD killer. MOH was hyped to oblivion, then the reviews hit and EA's stock plummetted. I want this game to succeed, but I hope these kinds of hype doesnt contribute to its loss if the gaming sites review and rate a console version. And I mean the big sites that investors take seriously.
00000000000000000001  +   1579d ago
My PC would be great also if it didn't freeze up every 15 minutes or so when trying to play a game like the Witcher 2!
jack_burt0n  +   1578d ago
Check your PSU load, temps, also try gently hoovering all the heatsinks lol i know it sounds odd but my rig was doing the same and just needed a good venting sometimes the more fans you have the worst this can be after couple years.

This is if you mean by freeze, the machine will literally lock or power down.
maxqubit  +   1579d ago
Imho the MAJOR difference of PC versus console version of BF3 is the 64 player MP!

A mid spec PC won't be seeing so much difference over the console version BUT, and this is the important thing, even a low spec PC can enjoy the 64p MP

THAT is for me the only REAL difference (and the reason why I'm also going PC low-mid spec, me being a true console player for last 10 years)
#5 (Edited 1579d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
yewles1  +   1579d ago
"Well now we finally know the truth. Console versions aren’t comparable to the PC version at all."


*cries for the insulted intelligence of other readers*
Ingram  +   1579d ago
"Well now we finally know the truth. Console versions aren’t comparable to the PC version at all."

PC Master Race are not seeking to know the truth, they just need to chew it and then spit it on anybody else's face.

The world NEEDS to know you just got "GTX580 and Ripjaws CL6 Scythe Katana Imperator Hail Forever" because everybody who didn't, sucks more.

The only thing needed to acknowledge this, is the PC component naming scheme which debunks the whole "more mature" audience myth; You can't find any console called "Dominator Commander 3000 Ultimate Pro Cyclone", but the PC crew needs to SLI and overclock to constantly measure their +2fps, and they NEED their pieces named like that, since they're papa boys and they just need to jack off to themselves and what they've been bought 24/7.

It's ok, your PC is better.It's just that you're such a poor lot of winners it's becoming sad.
WitWolfy  +   1579d ago
Whats the bet that when Next gen consoles arrive EVENTUALLY BF3 will be re-released in full spec. God knows I'll just re buy it to enjoy it in its full GLORY!
#8 (Edited 1579d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
x800  +   1579d ago
pahh lol sorry to say this but console version are not even on low settings they are lower than low because its been played at 720p xD
#9 (Edited 1579d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
vandal GAB  +   1579d ago
Console resolution isn't even 720p it's 1280x704.!/repi...
mrmancs   1579d ago | Bad language | show
Soldierone  +   1579d ago
Couldn't careless about how "amazing" it looks on PC. The only thing that is really bugging me is the 64 player count not going over to consoles. If you want to write 50 articles about that I'd be interested, but this "PC looks better BAHAHAHAHA!" Crap is just annoying. I don't care, console players do not care, and when you say consoles suck your not a real gamer! We still don't care! Really? We can go buy only a graphics card that costs at least half our console and get those specs? awesome....guess what? Dont care!

You paid to have your PC, you paid to have "ultra settings", you paid to be better. Congrats, common sense tells me your game will look visually better. I don't need DICE, 50 PC fanboys, and gaming websites telling me that.

All disagrees congrats for still not seeing the point. Let us be GAMERS, we will let you be GAMERS, so lets PLAY GAMES for crying out loud....
rattletop   1579d ago | Trolling | show
leogets  +   1579d ago
well i know the console version looks im not worried. theres also 1 reason i didnt bother quing up at eurogamer in the pc line and went for ps3.what do they say,if u never experianced it youll never miss it ;P
pennywhyz  +   1579d ago
i luv my pc
illtownNJONE  +   1579d ago
Well I'm satisfied with the trailer I saw of the Xbox 360 campaign mission called operation "something" when compared to the PC version it looked similar
xPrOzAK--  +   1579d ago
i don't understand why people buy a game only for the graphic.
that's stupid..
Virus201  +   1579d ago
*looks from side to side to see if anyone is watching*


I don't understand either.
xPrOzAK--  +   1578d ago
i dont care about graphic dude i buy a game only for having fun
chadachada123  +   1578d ago
You shouldn't buy a game solely for graphics, no, but when it's supposed to be gritty, it's hard to feel immersed when the graphics rival Minecraft as opposed to, well, BF3.
achmetha  +   1578d ago
which game's graphics rival minecraft??
SH0CKW4VE  +   1579d ago
Oh so many misconceptions by console players here about PC as a platform.....

"console has a larger library of high quality games! narf!"

Where to even begin with this one? PC games are made to a higher quality in the first place to keep up with the ever increasing hardware. A low end PC game these days makes a "high quality" console game look like it performs like crap.

"PS3 is more powerful than low end PCS! Narf!"

in 2006 that may have been true but this is 2011 now dear child, technology has come on quite a bit in the last few years.

"you need a $1000000 PC to plays Geams! narf!"

The single biggest misconception of all.....half of the greatest experiences to be had on PC will run on almost any machine at all, you grandmas laptop can run half of them.

Theres also indie developers on PC who make games that could only survive on PC due to console being a watershed market were you have to sell over 3 million to be deemed a sucess.

PC gaming is just better, why?

- better game performance
- servers on all games
- MOD tools (its like DLC from the community thats just better ;)
- Steam sales
- Steam in general
- Games on PC typically have more freedom, due to the extra power
- Developers have more freedom
- open platform
- Use any control mrthod, wheel, flightstick etc
- mapable controls
- Recording software can be installed
- Simple ALT + TAB and your on the internet, or selecting music
- M+KB is a superior control scheme allowing for more complex interaction with the game
- PC headsets are miles ahead with advanced sound
- Map editiors ship with most good PC games
- old games can be graphically enhanced (no more buying HD upscales)
- Backwards compatibility is NEVER an issue
- Free online
- Emulators allow you to play any game from any console on PC from any time.
- Cross game chat isnt even an issue
- Server browsers (so you can see where the server is based instead of getting the BC2 console conveyor belt treatment and being put into a US server while European)
- Games have lasting communities on PC were as console kids jump onto the next game within a month.
- You can rent and manage your own servers on PC
- Servers are often customisable with "infantry only" options etc available
- MMOs are the best on PC, on console they just cant run properly and have the proper scope.
- Larger player numbers in online games e.g MMOs can have 100 vs 100 battles
- Countless simulator experiences on PC, Console games arent even close in terms of simulation, R factor makes GT5 & Forza 4 look like childrens games
- Wont find any flight sims on Console
- MOD communitys often make game series we grow to love on PC, guess who the makers of BF were? a MOD community, thats right on PC

There is a whole bunch of reasons why PC is just better besides graphics.

BUT atleast the PS3 is embracing Steam and allowing users to play cross platform, and it also allows user created content, its certainly heading in a fine direction while the xbox just stagnates in a pool of paying for online.
death2smoochie  +   1579d ago
Good post but saying this on will most likely get you disagrees beyond and reported ;-)
chadachada123  +   1578d ago
You don't have Dark Souls on PC. Your argument is invalid =(
Bladesfist  +   1578d ago
Lol dark souls, Skyrim and some of the mods that have been planned already for it is what im looking forward too. Lotr total conversion anyone?
pucpop  +   1579d ago
Sorry but who cares about 720p vs 1080p? Not me. I choose 720p everytime as its cheaper on the leccy bills and you can't tell any difference in picture quality. Fact. I am so excited for BF3. GTX570... Ready:))
mixelon  +   1579d ago
You either need your eyes checked or are sitting too far from your TV.
x800  +   1579d ago
you can't tell any difference in picture quality? lmao man have u even seen 720p vs 1080p? do u have a 15-19inch minitor?
Organization XII   1579d ago | Trolling | show
maxmill  +   1579d ago
more elitist ego tripping as usual -_-
capcock   1579d ago | Trolling | show
death2smoochie  +   1579d ago
Battlefield 3 PC on Low is Console Settings, says DICE"

Any reasonable thinking person knew this already...
Plagasx  +   1579d ago
That's why I make love to my PC. :)
KillerPwned  +   1579d ago
No reason to argue on this topic, it was a given PC was the platform of choice always has been for the BF franchise. But I`am surprised I thought the console versions would at least equal to medium settings o well that blows. In the end tho it does not really take that strong of a PC to run the game.

I will be getting it for PC and cannot wait, besides U3 and Skyrim this is my most anticipated game of the year.
AngryEnglish   1579d ago | Offensive
pody  +   1579d ago
Poor guys :(
qwertyz  +   1578d ago
lol I knew it but even the minimum pc requirements will outperform the console versions by a good margin lol the consoles are running low pc settings, sub-hd, no texture filtering, no draw distance, crappy AA no v-sync and will screen tearing at 30fps(which will drop below when under stress)

lol consoles are horribly weak even a single gpu high end pc from 2006 will run battlefield 3 better than consoles even with all the optimization possible on consoles(becausue the hardware is fixed) consoles still cannot come close to matching 2006 pc performance :/ PC FTW

a core 2 duo with a $40 gpu and cheap 2gb ram>>>>>>ps3 /360
#27 (Edited 1578d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Szarky  +   1578d ago
*yawn, enjoyed Bad Company 2 on the PS3, from the latest videos I've seen of the near final build of the PS3 version Battlefield 3 looks just as good or a bit better so I'm happy.
veChuy  +   1578d ago
PC always have been ahead in graphics even when PS3 and XBOX360 were new. Thanks of Battlefield 3 alot of my console gamers friends are switching to PC, Good times for Pc gaming ahead we will rule again like normaly we do.
playaplayer  +   1578d ago
There was no pc graphic card more powerful than the xenos gpu when the 360 launch in nov. 2005. Just look it up on wiki. Same with the original xbox with it's gpu. Microsoft consoles have been more powerful than pc at release. Pc usually catches up a year later and cost alot more. If you don't believe me just do a google search or look it up on wikipedia.
veChuy  +   1578d ago
Pff... Dude Cmon in that time I was using 2 ATI X1900XTX in Crossfire on my PC and in least than a year I move to a 2 8800GTX SLI, in this moment I have the 2 GTX 580 SLI, so PC has been always ahead of console in Graphics...
playaplayer  +   1578d ago
When next gen consoles comes out they will be more powerful than current high end pc's today. Especially if sony and MS consoles are using 22nm processors built from the ground up. They should be 16 times more powerful than current gen consoles at 22nm with at least 4 gigs of ram. 2013/14 is a good year for release of next gen. Let's all hope and pray we get 22nm processors in our next consoles.
#30 (Edited 1578d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
caboose32  +   1578d ago
Of course they will be more powerful then the computers of today, because we have another 2 years for the consoles to come out. But they will not be more powerful then the high end computers of then.
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26m ago - SJ Hollis writes for P&L:"Oh good, a game about housework. I vacuum bi-monthly and I’ve not picke... | PS4