PlayStation Store Update - November 20th Edition

Since it's Thanksgiving this week, we get our weekly update today instead of Thursday. Here's what you can now download on the PlayStation Store.

* Aquatopia (PS3 Eye Interactive Screensaver - $1.99)
* Operation Creature Feature (PS3 Eye - $4.99)
* MX vs. ATV: Untamed demo
* Rock Band Add-On Bundles/Songs ($1.99 per song, $5.49 per bundle)
* fl0w Expansion Pack ($2.99)
* Need for Speed Pro Street Collector's Upgrade ($9.99)
* Calling All Cars (discounted to $4.99 until 11/29)
* Everyday Shooter (discounted to $4.99 until 11/29)
* PixelJunk Racers (discounted to $4.99 until 11/29)
* Snakeball Trailer
* Ratchet and Clank Behind the Scenes - Story trailer
* Ratchet and Clank Behind the Scenes - Design trailer
* Battlefiel: BC Trailer 2
* Superbad Blu-Ray trailer
* Four Devil May Cry 4 Wallpapers

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gamesblow3990d ago

Yaaaaaawn... Man, wake me up when something decent hits the PSN again, will ya? Just make sure they put a catheter in my junk cause I don't wanna piss myself during the long stay.

Crazyglues3989d ago

Calling All Cars (discounted to $4.99 until 11/29).. LoL -because no one is buying these games...

Ahh Sony just give us IPTV already... that's what we really need.

Mario183990d ago

Gettin the PS Eye Games!

LSDARBY3990d ago

PS Eye games are lame, ill download some vids. And the demo for MX......

Vip3r3990d ago

I hope the fl0w dlc comes to the UK store this week. Judging from previous DLCs it might be next month.


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The story is too old to be commented.