New Lost Odyssey Trailer

New Lost Odyssey tailer from the press event on the 19th

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gamesR4fun3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

wonder how the gameplay will hold out..
been a while since I had a good rpg and ME just isnt cutting it.

turbogeek3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

this looks freaking LAME. another flop from Mistwalker. the graphics are really bad

Kaneda3472d ago

For a moment I thought I was watching Final Fantasy 12...just w/ ugly characters...:) I hope this will help 360 sell in Japan...

TheZippo3472d ago

What's with the stupid eye glasses on the main character?

abcd3472d ago

Items are visible on your character, so you won't have to see the glasses if you really don't want too.

TheZippo3472d ago

Well it's like this, if I'm going to show customization in a game I'm going to try and sell it's at least going to match the character and look somewhat believable. FYI

Spike473472d ago

main character looks gay.

lonestarmt3472d ago

lol, well I guess its better than being a 12 year old boy. Beleive it!! lol

Xi3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

so does the character in your avatar.

it has to do with the culture in japan, burly tough guys like markus == gay, skinny effeminate girly boys == hot.

Shaka2K63472d ago

Mistwalker keeps on sucking.

keep those x360/PC exclusive.

MK_Red3472d ago

Mistwalker games are not on PC. They are for 360 (BD and LO) and DS(ASH).

As for the game, I'm still interested in this one simply because it could be the first M rated J-RPG in years. After the superb Parasite Eve from Square, I don't remember having that much fun in an M rated J_RPG (Though SMT games were also amazing).

lonestarmt3472d ago

again mk red, if you want a good mature j-rpg get persona 3!!!! lol

MK_Red3472d ago

I know :(
I already feel ashamed that I missed Persona 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.