This is What Skyrim Could (and Should) Look Like With Next Gen Tech

Today’s PC gaming technology is roughly 10x more powerful than current gaming consoles. So, what could an already beautiful game like Skyrim look like if combined with next gen PC tech? Well, it would probably look something like this.

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HavenDan1920d ago

Fuck it, I'm buying for PC.

evrfighter1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

jeezus christ

I hope Qarl puts out some texture mods that comes close. My jaw hasn't literally dropped since I first saw crysis 1 announced

@Endoran this is a 2007 engine dude. though Crysis 1 physics were still very impressive. massive realistic physics are still some years away even on pc. Frostbite 2.0 is the closest we've come and even that doesn't pack realistic physics.

SantistaUSA1919d ago

Can't wait for next gen with those kind of graphical power :)

Anyways did he have to kill the bird? That's just wrong lol :)

dirthurts1919d ago

Sorry, but even next gen isn't going to look like this. This is pushing the high end of the pc spectrum. No way the next consoles will have that power. No one would pay that much.

Autodidactdystopia1919d ago

Except for the fact that this is Crysis.

Perjoss1919d ago

It's important not to forget that a modder can spend as much time as he or she likes on a part of the mod, an artist in the gaming industry has to work pretty fast to strict deadlines. Therefore modded games usually look incredible, like Doom3, GTA IV and Crysis.

Often when you see a crappy asset in a game it's not always that the artist is bad, its just that they often get very little time to work on each one.

stu8881919d ago

In places it looks like someone has actually taken a hand-held camera to a forest next to a small river ie, it looks real.

I hate PC gamers and their elitism but fair play, that looks incredible!

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1920d ago

I think it kind of looks stupid how you can walk right through branches though. Looks great the graphics, but weird the branches don't bend.

Winkle921920d ago

I think the fact that it's closer to photo realistic than we have ever seen makes up for the fact that the branches don't bend. At least I think that's an acceptable trade off. Imo of course.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1920d ago

I would take that trade off too for certain games, that's for sure.

dontbhatin1920d ago

the brances do bend. you cant really notice since you are so close to them. but on crysis, they deffienitely do bend when you walk into them.

trancefreak1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

This is hunters life mod for cryengine 2. I can run it @ 1080p all settings very high with a gtx 570hd around 40-50 FPS. It is freaking gorgeous to the eye.

You can play this straight from crysis 1 mod folder. This map is on mod db

Edit I also think it looks better without the extreme immersion mod but along with I think its called rygans texture mod that goes into your .pak file folder

fatstarr1919d ago

ohh my God... this is beautiful.

Glorious PC smh 4 @ more years of generation 7

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CrzyFooL1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I can't wait until games on all platforms can look this good. I can't wait for Skyrim.
I can't wait for what comes after Skyrim!


Also, the music!

Organization XII1920d ago

omg dude this is my video, i recorded it on my rig (gtx 560 ti + core i3) no kidding :D

Septic1919d ago


That looks epic!

Imagine what we're in store for next-gen!

*gets all giddy and giggly like Mr Pop n Fresh*

xAlmostPro1919d ago

really?.. you just made my day because my new rig is gtx 560 sli with an overclocked i5 :D (im a pc noob so you've kinda just got me excited haha)

outwar60101919d ago

an i3 you serious i should be okay then :)

BlackjackCF1920d ago

...what the...
Realism mod for GTA applied to Elder Scrolls...

psb1920d ago

well, I'm getting this for PC, no matter how much I love my PS3, I know I'll enjoy it the most on my PC.

StealthyRay1920d ago

Not only for the graphics, but also I expect the speedier loads for the save/load/map changes.

If a title is multiplat I will get the PC version first. If there is no PC version, I'll get either PS3 or 360.

Kahvipannu1920d ago

And the mods, best reason to get PC version of any game that supports them.

HappyGaming1919d ago

I also expect much much more life like physics!!!