GameTap Thursday: Um, it's Tuesday, but free Psychonauts makes it all better

Joystiq is reporting that Psychonauts is now freely available from GameTap:

"In honor of Turkey day -- the day the Turkish people served a native bird with tahini to a bunch of zealots and saved them from certain starvation -- GameTap has moved their new games from Thursday to Tuesday this week. Our entire concept of time is now completely out of whack. GameTap doesn't really have anything exciting on the subscriber front, but for all you freeloaders out there, Psychonauts is available for free this week. And seriously, if you still haven't played it and don't try it when it's free, you don't deserve your second serving of tryptophan this week."

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TheMART4017d ago

DAMN! PSYCHONAUTS IS INSANELY GOOD. Download it now. It'll be on XBL also, but probably not free too bad.

Still a game you should download/play!

MK_Red4016d ago

TheMART, this is the best comment I've ever seen from you.

Psychonauts IS an insanely good game. Personally I think it is one of the best 5 games I've ever played. Everyone, just go and get it.