PS3 Shivering Isles Review - 9/10

Whether randomly exploring, grabbing side missions or working out the main quest, which involves saving the islands from being destroyed by a being called Jyggalag and his army of machine-like Knights of Order, this is just the shot of creative energy this game needs.

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MK_Red4045d ago

I never played it on PC where I got the original Oblivion. The review is nice and I love imaginative things in the game. Is it really 9/10 good?

jjfunaz4045d ago

If you didn't like Oblivion and play it 1000000 hours, then you probably don't want this game.

TeaDouble_E4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I wonder do you ever take breaks MK_Red ? By now you should get payed for contributing so much to this site : )

PS3PCFTW4045d ago

is this a dlc from psn?

R2-JD4045d ago

There is a retail version on Blu-ray in a case and it will also be available for download via PSN (North American, English only) beginning November 29.


hoklee4045d ago

i wonder if it require the old oblivion disc .. cuz i sold it but still i must try the shilvering pack

R2-JD4045d ago

Yes you still need the original Oblivion game disc to play the Shivering Isles add-on.


socsca4045d ago

Enlighten me... How am I supposed to have two discs in the tray at the same time? Maybe it's enough to have a savefile? Yah?

gamesblow4045d ago

I'll pick it up on principal, I suppose. I have oblivion, but erased by quest when GOTY came out and then realised I didn't want to get rid of my copy for it cause of this expansion pack... So, go figure. It's also very expansive and not really my kind of game. I've tried to get into it and did for about 2 weeks straight, but still didn't even touch upon the main quest in the game.

I might go back and revisit it with this expansion.

R2-JD4045d ago

I will be getting this as I love the game and the Shivering Isles add-on adds another 30 hours of gameplay.

I will have to see if the downloadable version from the PSN store is cheaper than the retail though.


gamesblow4045d ago

Is there a download on psn? That'd be awesome, but I believe it's a retail disk only.

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The story is too old to be commented.