Assassin's Creed 'Pushing' Video

"MyCheats shows how much of a jerk Altair is." -1UP

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Funny! Still the game is fun... GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas have how many bugs?

ThichQuangDuck4040d ago

In my opinon its not really a bug , but yes I agree with you that all games have bugs and some reviewers went to hard on it and I think it should of gotten a solid 8 at the lowest. Because yes it is repetitive at times but not like spiderman 2 which some compared it to.

hoklee4040d ago

he's pushing back everyone haha that's nice

ThichQuangDuck4040d ago

It looks funny but all games have glitches and my guess is we will see this on youtube of some trying to make him crant dat soulja boy no matter how dumb it will be

ikkokucrisis4040d ago

Man, if I saw someone doing that, I would slay their Medevil a$$!

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