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From the moment we started Arkham City, all we could think was: Arkham Asylum was practice. Compared to its sequel, the “best superhero game ever” and our choice for Game of the Year 2009 seems like a tech demo, a first draft, merely a blueprint for what the perfect Batman game can actually be. This is it.

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GraySnake2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Glad the Game is doing well review wise, but I've been wondering how the 3D performance stacks up and if it adds a bit more to the experience or not.

Dante1122230d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Yup, this game might be getting GOTY this year. Batman Arkham City is pumping out 10s like crazy. It's sitting at 98 on metacritic! O.O

Edit: @ gamerwiip


colonel1792229d ago

Arkham City and Uncharted will most likely be the games that take most of GOTY from various sites and publications. Some will give it to Skyrim and/or Demon's Souls.

Just the fact that there are a lot of GOTY contenders this year is amazing for gamers. I for one, will be buying more games this year than I have bought the entire generation.

Tg27082229d ago

while you are correct the games' metacritic score is 95 as both the 360 and ps3 versions are the same its just that more reviewed it for 360. Seeing the game getting so much high reviews its a must buy for me.

b163o12229d ago

Same here, the last 2weeks I bought Dues Ex, R3, Dead Island, Fifa12, and SoC/Ico HD. There is so much still coming out I gotta get Skyrim, UC3, Starhawk, BF3, and MW3. Pockets flat, but I'm happy

gamerwiips3602230d ago

Extraordinary Reviews... so far. Thank God that I had faith in Rocksteady that they still gonna outbeat the Arkham Asylum.

One of the Best Devs. indeed in this Gen. Right up there with the Naughty Dogs.. A classical Performance.
Good Job & Thank You. :)

White-Sharingan2229d ago

Man GOTY will be hard this year, Batman, Uncharted and Skyrim? tough call! good thing I'm getting all three.

2229d ago
HappyTrigger2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Why is it that every time someone says "GOTY", Uncharted almost ALWAYS has to be mentioned. This is a Batman article. Save your "GOTY" for your own specific opinion.

OcularVision2229d ago

Well it's pretty much a fact that Uncharted will be a contender for GOTY.

MasterCornholio2229d ago

Will the PS3 version be good?


Laxman2162229d ago

I would say there wont be a difference.


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