Toys 'R' Us Exploits Wii Shortages

SPOng: "As if Wii shortages a year after launch weren't bad enough, Toys 'R' Us seems to be determined to take £300 from you if you want to get one before Greedmas.

A source has told SPOnG that, having heard that the Wakefield branch of Toys 'R' Us had Wiis in stock, they headed down to get in line. Fair enough, Wiis are in short supply - not the fault of Toys 'R' Us.

While queueing, our source and other assembled punters were told that the Wii is not available on its own from the shop and has to be bought in a bundle. Not ideal, but not a practice that's limited to Toys 'R' Us at the moment, as SPOnG reported earlier".

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Brainiac 84046d ago

but that is Christmas for you guys, it's the time of the year when people willingly bend over a counter for any greedy company that drops their pants.

BrianC62344046d ago

When the PS3 was hard to find last year you could buy it online but you had to pay around $1100 or more for a bundle. That's business for you. Everyone that is upset about it can just blame Nintendo for their artificial shortage. The Wii has been out long enough that the supply should have caught up by now. Nintendo doesn't want it to. They like the hype. Maybe if gamers have to pay a lot for an inferior Wii they'll see the PS3 is a much better value.

SmokeyMcBear4046d ago

that how it was last year, it was almost impossible to get just the wii.. you had to buy a huge freaking bundle that was 500 dollars.. well i got a couple for sale.. if there are any buyers

TruthbeTold4046d ago

That's just vicious. All of those games except Rayman are crap. Though I am surprised that this is only just now happening.
1. I'm glad I've had my Wii since launch.
2. Even though it doesn't affect me personally, I'll remember this. Screw Toys R Us...

BlackCountryBob4046d ago

I walked past Gamestation in Birmingham yesterday, the only Wii they had available was a second hand unit bundled with 10 games for £530!!! I'll bet some idiot has bought it at that price too because some people will pay anything to make sure little Timmy has what he wants on Xmas morning.

My mate bought a Wii 5 weeks ago (too play, not as an investment, those people should be strung up by their genitals), he sold it yesterday for over £300 and bought a new PS3 with games, who said the reason the Wii was selling well is because of its comparative low price!

wiizy4046d ago r us wants in on the wii uh... they owe nintendo money for putting a system people actually want on the market