Burnout Paradise PS3 screenshots

Screenshots of Burnout Paradise on the PS3.

Click the jump to see the screens.

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titntin3591d ago

Wow! These look real good. If the game has the kind of next gen crash dynamics they've been promising, then I'm sold! :)

marinelife93591d ago

When is it being released? I hope it's as good as takedown.

Kaneda3591d ago

All these screenshots will mean nothing when Xbots do a comparision w/ 360...:) They will blur out the videos..and make 360 looks sharper..:)


R2-JD3591d ago

Can't wait to get this one! I have always liked the Burnout series.

When I saw the newest trailer on the PSN store last Thursday, I wished it was out now. I like the idea of the whole city being free-roaming and huge.


Padre3591d ago

This game is the real deal.

rbanke3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

The free drive is what hooks me. I just hope its not another ps3 EA letdown

EDIT:good news R2-JD

Douchebaggery3591d ago

I don't think Criterion would release a sh!tty game

R2-JD3591d ago

It was stated early on by Criterion themselves that the PS3 is the lead design platform for this Burnout.


Brainiac 83591d ago

I don't trust EA farther than I can throw them, but their Burnout series has always been top notch...or at least thus far.

I want this game badly.

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The story is too old to be commented.