Haze not delayed according to the UK Forum Manager.

On a serious note, the current release schedule still has Haze as December 14th, now IF that were to change they would be the first to tell you.

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SeanScythe4047d ago

Just so some of you notice this is the Forum MANAGER. This forum is part of them main site for the game not some random message board. It is directly from the company.

Nostradavis4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

If the Creative Director, or Lead Developer hop on the forum and confirm it then great, but till then..the forum manager is not going to cut it.

Update: I cant believe this got approved...

marinelife94047d ago

He might be the forum manager but the press release says what it says.

krik4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I doubt the guy knows about it. I have a feeling that Ubisoft is the one deciding on the delay and not Free Radical.

AC is selling well and they actually showed good profits to their shareholders so they probably saving Haze for a big release next quarter.

EDIT: I wish the delay wasn't true though :(

Hatchetforce4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

IT ISN'T A HE, IT IS A SHE. ms-kleaneasy (As in Mrs Clean Easy) has been around a long time. I knew her from the Flashpoint series (Avon Lady website/ Flashpoint mods). She is 1000% reliable and she isn't joe shmo.

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Yoma4047d ago

Changing all the time

Spike474047d ago


damnwrx4047d ago

Sounds better, but who knows.

segasage4047d ago

thats like the security guard that thinks he is a state trooper with a flashlight and tight jacket.

It would suck it that game was delayed, really besides UT3 sony doesn't have no system sellers.

We might as well post 2008 games list, as a good defense.

With so many games comin out at around the same time next year, devs are gonna sturuggle to catch gamers attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.