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John Carmack crashes PC gamers' hopes for a High-Resolution Texture Pack on RAGE

DSOGaming writes: "You've probably already heard of a high resolution texture pack for RAGE was rumored to get released after its official launch. This rumored texture pack was supposed to be 150GB in size and would update the game's low-res textures with some proper, high-res ones. Well, this is not gonna happen as John Carmack admited that the source textures are almost the same as the ones that are currently used in RAGE PC." (PC, Rage)

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gravemaker  +   917d ago
thats one shitty textures, carmack should be ashamed of his company
BattleAxe  +   917d ago | Well said
Boy oh boy, the disappointments keep rolling in for Carmack. I don't think I've ever seen someones reputation get destroyed so fast. His reputation was like the "Housing Bubble" cause by the sub-prime mortgages, it was so worthless that you knew it had to crash.
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ApplEaglElephant  +   917d ago
I can understand Low rez text for consoles, but why not PC
While his game may not be best looking on consoles, i think he did a great job.

But on PC, he half assed the shit out of it.
kaveti6616  +   917d ago
You've spent way too much time on this website, Battleaxe.

You're out of touch with reality.

The opinions on this site are not a reflection of the real world. Sorry to burst your bubble.
BattleAxe  +   917d ago | Well said
@ Kaveti

You should talk, you joined this site 2 years after I did, and yet you've managed to make 2000 more comments than I have. Being out of touch with reality has more in common with believing that Carmack is a God or a Legend. He's neither, in fact I'd say he's a "has been" that needs to not only shut his mouth, but also to shut the doors to this studio, as they have produced nothing of any significance in the last 10 years.
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elshadi  +   917d ago
"I can understand Low rez text for consoles, but why not PC"
he has no excuse

ohh wait ...he just tweet this as we talk:
"ahhhh...ahmmmm bec ..PC has a Tight memory, Poor IO Performance ?!!!"

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evrfighter  +   917d ago
ive been saying for a few years now that carmack was a washed up has been.

Now people are starting to see the truth.
wicko  +   917d ago
Says a bunch of random people who don't understand technology. Glad your opinions are in the minority
VvKILLAGOOSEvV  +   917d ago
Carmack is like the stock market right now...No matter how many protests go on around the world, he still says screw you.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   917d ago
after games like DOOM and Quake. i considered Carmarck a hero.... but then Rage came out,after all the hype....
NarooN  +   917d ago
"as they have produced nothing of any significance in the last 10 years. "

I know Carmack and his studio fucked up, but why the fuck does everyone keep saying this? They did Doom 3, which alone was pretty damn significant on Xbox and PC. To deny that is a fucking joke. They also helped with Quake 4, another big PC release.

Just because they didn't have a lot of presence on consoles back then doesn't mean shit.
DeadlyFire  +   916d ago
Do you guys really think this bothers the PC community? Have you not seen what gamers have given DOOM 3 with their own created High-Res Texture pack. Does a PC gamer need some extra crap like that on a disc? We already have visual lead.

I personally believe PC edition should have only shipped with High-Res textures and no low res ones, but hey can't change that. Just build a Texture pack and throw it in the game. Its moddable anyway since its on the PC platform. Just give it some time. Someone will do it.
Perjoss  +   916d ago
kaveti6616 is 100% right, a bunch of raving haters does not = all gamers. Just remember that people that love Rage will not seek out a forum to rave about it, they will be playing it!

Carmack's biggest mistake with Rage was putting such a high priority on 5+ year old technology (consoles) instead of focusing on PC. I get the feeling future games from id will be different, they will still be tech 5 but optimised for PC and I can't wait.

I'm not anti-console, there are plenty of amazing developers that focus heavily on consoles so it will make no difference to console gamers if id turns back to its roots.
Darrius Cole  +   916d ago
I agree with Perjoss. I am a console gamer (PS2, Xbox, PS3, 360, PSP) and have never bought a game on PC, at least not yet.

I think developers get greedy and become dissatisfied 'being what they are'. It looks like Carmack and ID are PC developers who saw the console pasture and thought it was greener but forgot to take care of their real base first. You can tell where their real base is by looking at who care most when they screw up. Clearly PC guys are more offended by Rage. ID should have said to themselves, "We are PC developers first, most of our fans and games are on PC."

Rage should have been made to PC gamers expectations and then ported to consoles as best they could port. The fact is, once Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare release, in 2 and 3 weeks respectively; console gamers won't give Rage another moments consideration. More importantly they won't sell any more copies on either console. Rage will be totally forgotten.

I suppose ID saw the success of the Elder Scrolls and Battlefield series in moving over from PC and wanted to try doing that themselves. But so far they have fallen short, they have done anything that console gamers would miss. BF and ES took care of the home base first (have you seen the BF3 PC footage?)

Console gamers won't care one bit if ID goes back to their PC roots.
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InNomeDiDio  +   917d ago
It was the FIRST TEST according to the High Res Textures. Keep it easy people ...
elshadi  +   917d ago
and yet there is still sad trolls believe any thing poor carmack say
and i'm very happy that he failed
he screwed the pc/ps3 versions
bec he's in love with xbox
stevenhiggster  +   917d ago
I don't want to sound like a crazy fanboy or anything, but he really just should have made the game a 360 exclusive.
They've well and truly ballsed the PC version and he does nothing but bad mouth the PS3!
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Ducky  +   917d ago
^ I'm playing Rage on PC.

Get a constant 60fps and the game has some of the best visuals-over-performance ratio of any game I've played on my PC so far.
... and this is on an ATI GPU as well.

The launch was a bit rough, but the last patch fixed most of my woes.
Textures also appear fine to me.
I feel like I'm playing in concept art.

Don't see why the game should've been exclusive to 360.
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TheDivine  +   917d ago
How did he screw the ps3 version? I have the ps3 version and its among the best looking titles ive played on ps3 and it has a steady 60fps. Only problem is texture popin that you have to look for. You only notice it if you spin around really fast and look for it. This game on consoles is a technical marvel and its fun as hell.
cjflora  +   916d ago
Not me, EVERY time I turn the camera I have very slow and distracting texture pop in. I would almost prefer they just stay low texture so that it isn't so distracting. The only time the game looks nice is when I'm not moving, which isn't very often.
aawells07  +   917d ago
Your comment doesnt make sense. Do you always post nonsense?
qwertyz  +   917d ago
you can unlock higher res textures for RAGE by editing the config file but you'll need vram but even with 1gb you can still double the texture resolution without having much of an issue. even without advanced settings tweaked and all the problems with the pc version it still looks better on my high end rig nvidia powered rig than anything on consoles :/ PC FTW!!!!!

yeah the pc version of course could have looked MUCH better if carmack had shifted his focus from 360 and spend more time on the oc version but well looks like hes an xbot because the ps3 version was also inferior to the 360 version in the visual and performance departments(proven by digital foundries)and with far more texture pop-ins than the 360 version running without ANY hdd install which is complete B.S because the ps3 version requires an 8gb MANDATORY install
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Darrius Cole  +   916d ago
Yeah, PS3 gamers, like myself, are really going to love that(sarcasm)....spending 8GB of storage for what is still a weaker performance. It looks like ID got almost finished with development and realized that they made a broken and unplayable PS3 game, and Sony bailed them out by allowing an 8GB installation in order to make the game playable.
caperjim  +   917d ago
I dont understand why the PC version was the same price as consoles. Usually games are at least $10 cheaper at launch. I was expecting more for the price i payed. Especially with all the hype with this game.
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thedarkvault  +   916d ago
yeah I want to pick it up for PC eventually, but not @ 60. I'll wait until its between 30-40 before it's worth getting. Save my 60 for BF3.
caperjim  +   916d ago
Shouldnt be too long before the price drops. Its not a bad game but most gamers expected more for the price and the hype around it.

My game ran great on my GTX580 so texture loading wasnt an issue for me. I just found it very linear, repetitive with very little exploring.
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DragonKnight  +   916d ago
Despite what you've been told, a $60 price tag is NOT just the result of packaging and marketing adding to the price. It's what the publisher wants to charge for the game. If PC games are $50 it's because that's what the Publisher wants to charge, simple as that. Entitlement is foolish.
trancefreak  +   916d ago
It is the new trend and I don't really see it stopping.

If they want to starve pc gamers of good games then the pricing will continue and take note more PC gamers will just not buy the product. Its not even that though medal of honor sucked IMO and it was 59.99 U.S I guess that is EA games for ya along with activision.

Company's have their pricing model in place and PC games should be 10 dollars cheaper but they believe feel that they should sell them for the same amount as console? why? Greed for the green and since console gamers pay that price why not tap the PC gamers as well.

We all know of the console Licensing fees so why should we pay the extra bucks. That is the question.

Im not really stating facts or sources but its just what I have observed from recent trends. An example being crysis 2 shipping with so many problems - DX11 and high end gaming options. Even with all the fixes that game does not deserve its price.

Crytek wont even support the game crysis 2 anymore. There are known issues for the game and they are dropping patch support for these issues along with their broken online hack fest that made most online gamers just move on. They have no community interaction and I wont buy Crytek products anymore.

Valve still sells their games for a fair price and they support them for ever. More company's' need to follow the valve model.

It also appears taking Cryengine 3 and Now IDTech 5 that when they release their game with the new game engine their seems to to be big issues technically and unfortunately.
ATi_Elite  +   916d ago
Carmack is this Months official Ass Clown!

He has blamed everybody and everything else for Rage's issues except himself! I NO Longer have any respect for Carmack and the guy is a total dooche bag!

instead of just being a man and apologizing to Gamers and fixing his game he has blamed AMD, Nvidia, PC Gamers, The Cell, The PS3, Microsoft, Xbox360 designers, Pc Gamers again, and other horse crap for the performance and texture issues of Rage!

Carmack is a Jerk and a "Has been" Dev who hasn't done anything since Doom and Quake!
beardtm  +   916d ago
so much for MEGATEXTURES...
decrypt  +   917d ago
We wont be buying your game either Lolmack, too many other good releases to even bother.
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StayStatic  +   917d ago
indeed , gameover , for now at least...
Horny  +   917d ago
i was caught in the hype and bought it. I was already pissed about no reviews being out which I wish I would have waited for. Its not really open world and there is no story. You are just an errand boy doing stuff for people. Wasnt blown away by the graphics or detail. I liked some of the backgrounds like the pile of bodies in the first hideout and the skulls but everything has shitty textures and seems 2d when you got up close.
I ended up selling on craiglist.
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turgore  +   917d ago
Ill buy it when its like 20 bucks.
pumpactionpimp  +   917d ago
If BRINK is any indication, it will be $19.99 in 2 months.
cjflora  +   916d ago
Maybe wait until it's like $10.
Hufandpuf  +   917d ago
Looks like all that RAGE hype went right down the drain.
ReservoirDog316  +   917d ago
I honestly never bought into Rage. It just never seemed good to me.

Always said id are great on the technical side but the gameplay and story just seem lacking. And now I guess I was wrong about the technical side.

edit: @ below

Yeah but I can barely care about graphics. I'm sure it's good for id but there's too little money in the world to buy Rage.
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Aggesan  +   917d ago
I used to think the same way as u used to, but that changed with Rage. I actually really enjoy the game, and it's really pretty as long as you don't get too close to the textures (then yes, it lookes like crap). The weapons, artstyle, setting and characters are easily the best I've seen in a game from ID so far.
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Sarcasm  +   917d ago
The biggest lacking point of Rage is the gameplay. It's pretty boring and repetitive.

1. Talk to NPC.
2. NPC tells you to talk to other NPC.
3. Talk to other NPC which tells you to talk to another NPC.
4. NPC then sends you on a mission to kill X amount of enemies.
5. Return to NPC and then tells you again to talk to another NPC.
6. Rinse and repeat.

Im not sure how the rest of the game is because I didn't get that far enough.

Graphics do look great though, but it's like seeing a super hot woman who has a pimple on her nose. The blurry textures ruin the overall high resolution look of the game, and the strange random frame drops in car combat (even though fraps is showing it's locked at 60fps) is puzzling. And don't get me started on the texture pop ups when looking around.
bumnut  +   917d ago
Your comment describes most games.
Johnny_Cojones  +   917d ago
If there's someplace you know that has a bunch of super hot chicks with pimples on their noses, & no one else wants to bone them, let me know about it.
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zero_gamer  +   917d ago

And most games billed as "zOMG AAAA BLOKBUSTAR ACTIONZ" nowadays suck, IMO anyway.
vortis  +   916d ago

That's the problem with today's generation of games. Quite sad really.

At least Deux Ex, Heavy Rain the original BioShock, GTA and Saints Row sort of steer away from the norm. The problem is that we don't get enough games like that.
Sarcasm  +   915d ago
Johnny, I didn't say nobody wanted to bone those super hot women with a pimple on their nose, I simply mean that Rage is a fantastic looking game but marred by random visual defects which stops it from being 100% pure eye candy.
ZombieAssassin  +   917d ago
I'm sure the PC mod community will have something cooked up eventually.
Johnny_Cojones  +   917d ago
That's what I was thinking. By Spring, Qarl or Maldo, or whomever, will release a nice high res texture pack.
john2  +   917d ago
Hopefully someone will, though it might be a pain in the ass with how megatexture works
GunzBlazing09  +   917d ago
Who cares! John stop being retarded to the PC community, it was us who made what you are today... we don't need your help anyways... Our Mods team will do better work then you.. just look at Crysis 1 mods...

Anyways most of pc gamers pirated this bcuz we all knew this was gonna be a cheap port like Crysis 2... but crytek did the pack so it's okay with them
turgore  +   917d ago
thanks for telling him that. Now he won't even bother.
zero_gamer  +   917d ago
This whole rebellious "pirate cuz it sux" is getting a bit ridiculous don't you think? Much of the reasons behind developers focusing on consoles over the PC is due to piracy. They see pirated copies as lost potential sales and many devs have lost confidence in PC gaming as a result.

I for one don't pirate PC games because of my respect for the platform and want to support it with my wallet. I have not purchased RAGE because I am not liking what the gamers say about the PC version. I'll purchase this game once it hits the bargain bin and patched up to the point the game is actually in a playable state.
vortis  +   916d ago
Steamworks > piracy.

They want to avoid piracy? How about make the game digital download only. Yeah there's still a way around Steam just like there are still ways to pirate Xbox 360/PS3 games, but if they really wanted to win back PC gamers they would stop treating the community like $2 hoes and instead start treating the community like $1000 escorts.

Just saying.
kaveti6616  +   917d ago
I believe the comment he wrote begins with "Our first test...."

Our FIRST test.

Be patient. Carmack delivers. iD delivers.

This has happened before. It will be fixed.

Crytek took the same flak for 3 months and then released a high res DX11 texture pack.

Although Rage won't have DX11 support, I'm positive that Carmack will deliver a major texture pack.
john2  +   917d ago
You honestly believe that the artists of iD will sit down and re-create all those textures (or even re-touch them via Photoshop) when the actual source textures are as detailed as the ones we already have?

PS: Keep in mind that they won't get paid for such thing so I really doubt that iD will waste their time with such attempts. This is a company and not a modder that does such things in his free time
kaveti6616  +   917d ago
I do believe that there will be a high-res texture pack.

Doom 3 has high-res texture pack released every 3 months by amateur modders.
ApplEaglElephant  +   917d ago
@Kaveti6616 Except this isn't like Doom
this is supposed to be "PAINTED" textures. not same as other games.

Meaning they would have to go and fix every single textures. you dont have to do that for Crysis 2.
GunzBlazing09  +   917d ago
Once upon a time,... John Carmack was my idol... he always looked at PC as the most important platform.. but these days i don't know is everyone after money? Recyling the same content every time... We can see it in WoW, we can see it in Call of Duty... we can see it everywhere....

Carmack please do PC gamers a favor and show us how you truly love the people who created it
fluffydelusions  +   917d ago
Carmack only creates he isn't the publisher (Besthesda) interested in money only which is why consoles come first since that is where the money is.
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ATi_Elite  +   916d ago
Why do people keep saying "Consoles is where the money is" when it has been proven that the PC makes up more than Half of the total gaming revenue? Subtract the Wii money numbers and the PC makes more money than the PS3/360 combined!

I think the phrase should be "Consoles is where the Easy Money is" cause PC gamers do not buy Crap Games! Bad Company 2 Two Worlds 2 Portal 2 Metro 2033 are a couple of examples of games selling more on the PC than on consoles and these are Quality games. where as a crap title like Brink will sale on the console or make money through Gamefly buying rental copies!

Devs have a formula that they can have $15 million dollar game budget, port the game to the PS3 and PC (360 lead platform), sell about 1.5 million units across 3 platforms, and pocket around $35 million in profit.

The games are mediocre and i have seen this done many many times! I'm for quality titles not mediocre stuff that's really only good for renting in which Rage is....just a rental!

Related image(s)
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Dits  +   917d ago
Could well be jumping to conclusions here and taking it out of context, the 8k or 16k increase which you can do now in the cfg improves the texture quality a bit.

Depends on what Carmack means by source textures, the originals or the ones already installed
vortis  +   916d ago
He means the source material that was used. The textures were obviously designed primarily for the Xbox 360 as lead, they didn't even bother for HQ alternatives for PC. It just goes to show where they spent most of their time optimizing the game.

PC gamers should revolt by not buying the game, especially considering that had PC been lead platform it could have really made id Software look relevant in today's generation of gaming. All I see with RAGE is a prettier but less interesting version of Borderlands.
ylwzx3  +   917d ago
I've crashed his hopes from him getting any more money from me too based on this mess of a PC release.
jc48573  +   917d ago
you know what? Go to hell, Carmack.
xtreampro  +   917d ago
One mistake and he gets bashed? seriously did your parents bring you guys up right?
tmoss726  +   917d ago
You miss the launch of PC version?
xtreampro  +   917d ago
"You miss the launch of PC version?" I don't know what you mean by that, but in any case he made a mistake which you know HUMANS MAKE.

If you expect everyone to be perfect then you're only deluding yourself.
tmoss726  +   916d ago
Oh I don't know, I figured 4-5 years is a good amount of development time for a game.
pctrollv4  +   917d ago
seriously man, you miss the PC launch? one mistake is a huge mistake. He loves xbox and forgot bout ps3 and pc versions of Rage. He blamed AMD and nvidia for shitty drivers, when the game didn't work for Anyone, then blames the ps3 for its "complicated" architecture while having everyone believing that hes the coding genius of the gaming industry, yet he cant code for ps3 but loves his deadbox.
elshadi  +   917d ago
couldn't agree more my friend

"wait he makes fun of the ps3 for it's "limitations" and then disregards the quality of the pc version which from the beginning should have been the easiest for him to get the most out of given his apparent experience WTF this guy is way past his prime "

lol yeah
and read this to see how much lazy he is:
""the extra horsepower of the Cells will let them transcode it into graphics memory much faster than the 360 and faster than all but the most extreme PCs, but
"its a pain in the ass to take advantage of it that way."
he admit there that ps3 is very very powerfull
but he's very lazy to get that power out of it
this guy is a" has been"
and sad excuse for a dev
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radphil  +   917d ago

You only saw 1? I saw multiple after completing the game.
vortis  +   916d ago
Nah, they marketed the game as running on next-gen middleware (id Tech 5) but the game was developed on the Xbox 360 as the lead and was poorly ported over to PC. To add insult to injury the digital PC version of RAGE costs $60 and has poor optimization.

This is coming from a company who was put on the map ONLY because of PC gamers. So what does that tell you?
Dr Face Doctor  +   917d ago
"150GB in size..."

It's okay Carmack, nobody wanted it anyway. What I would've loved were just regular goddamn textures instead of massive, yet somehow low-res ones.
bjh089  +   917d ago
i thought this was being made for pc first then ported over to consoles that would have made the most sense. i can see this game looking gorgeous but they screwed up big time.
Heishiro__Mitsurugi  +   917d ago
LOL @ Carmack. He mad. :P
3GenGames  +   917d ago
150GB big? I think Carmack knows about compression, guys, c'mon. Plus there's no way, that'd be pretty much every level in the game set out pixel by pixel, not textures. So there's be no use for them being that big anyway. Use your head. 5GB would be much more believable.
_LarZen_  +   917d ago
I dont understand all the bitching...im running Rage on a gtx590 and it looks stunning!

Sure there are some textures that dont look as good as they should have and if you stick your face up a wall it has no details.

But who in their right mind walks around studying textures on objects or licks the walls for details.

The pc community is a bunch of gfx whores that should be glad a game like this is on the plattform and looking as good as it is. It's gorgeous!!

And with all this bitching id might just skip the pc all tougheter next time around...games sell more then enough on the consolles to skipp pc once and for all for some companies.

/Rage over...

see what I did there..... :P
Chnswdchldrn  +   917d ago
playing on a gtx 590

calling the PC community a bounch of graphics whores

You realize how BS that sounds?

Anyway, yea I agree the game looks good even on my GTX 260, but its not the graphics that I'm dissapointed about, its that the game fucking sucks and is only 16 hours (if you do every single thing in the game).
_LarZen_  +   916d ago
Point it that most pc gamers just look at gfx and not the game in it selvf, hence the word gfx whores.

Sure I have a high-end gfx card, I have money so I bought something good. But I dont bitch about the gfx in games like Rage becaus some textures are crap on some places.
ATi_Elite  +   916d ago
I call BS too!

Some nerve calling PC Gamers "Graphics Whores" when YOU got a $700 Video Card! Dare i say that's the "Pot calling the Kettle Black"!

I expect a PC game to run with quality....texture pop in on the PC is a serious NO NO! Rage is nothing more than a console port and the lack of video settings is "Proof beyond reasonable doubt"!

Now back to playing my "Gfx whore of a game" Minecraft!
KillerPwned  +   917d ago
Did anyone notice in the article that they said the texture pack was suppose to be 150GB.
yewles1  +   917d ago
150GB... smh
MasterCornholio  +   917d ago
I could understand Carmack dissing the PS3 because he couldn't handle it. But there is no excuse for him wrecking the PC version. He should listen to his fans and give them what they want. Because it was them who bought the software. Without the sales Carmack would be out of the job.

In my opinion

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kramun  +   916d ago
Why do you put XperiaRay at the end of your comments, are you some kind of weird fanboi spambot?
MasterCornholio  +   916d ago
Lol I am not a spambot. I put XperiaRay at the end of my comments to let people know that I am using my phone to post them. Plus I am proud of my phone.

kramun  +   916d ago
I'm still scratching my head tbh. Why would anyone care what phone you have and how you are making your posts? If everyone put what they were posting with it would be very annoying.
I'm the proud owner of many things but I don't make a fuss about it. I certainly don't feel the need to tell everyone on the internet about what I'm using. It wouldn't benefit me in any way.

Oh well, I guess it makes you feel better in life somehow.
outwar6010  +   917d ago
wait he makes fun of the ps3 for it's "limitations" and then disregards the quality of the pc version which from the beginning should have been the easiest for him to get the most out of given his apparent experience WTF this guy is way past his prime
pucpop  +   917d ago
I am an hour or so into Rage and I love it. Not encountered any mentioned bugs either. It looks beautiful!
theonlylolking  +   917d ago
You sure do love what you are smoking.
Zephol  +   917d ago
rage history suucks
EDD213  +   917d ago
I uninstalled after I just seen this post.
C_Menz  +   917d ago
It's ok Carmack, you can gimp the PC all you want since you sure as hell won't be getting any of my money with the version you guys released for the PC
Shadowaste  +   917d ago
the pc version destroys the consoles sub-hd, jaggies riddles, pop-in version by a long shot!

Still he could have done better on pc.
Sobari  +   917d ago
Not sure if I can keep buying from iD now.
Plagasx  +   917d ago

You mean I will NEVER get to read what is on the fridges in the game???

Skip that, read ANYTHING in the game world???
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palaeomerus  +   917d ago
This comments page right here is why N4G is considered such a deranged irrelevant festering crap pit of ignorant delusional stupidity and furious crybaby drama. Carmack is still awesome and you slobbering idiots are nothing whatsoever but silly.
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vandal GAB  +   916d ago
Well said palaeomerus bubble for you!
vortis  +   916d ago
I'd ask you why we're delusional for questioning why we should pay $60 for a game on PC that wasn't optimized for PC?

I'd also ask you why it's "ignorant" or "delusional" to find out that another system (less powerful I might add) has better optimization and was used as the lead platform for clearly next-gen software?

I'd go on to ask why consumers shouldn't be picky, why we shouldn't complain in comparison to the kind of quality we were used to receiving from id Software (since you know, they wouldn't be where they are today without the PC community) and why settling for whatever we're force-fed through marketing is somehow good?

However, all these questions go to waste because you, sir, only have one bubble. I guess that speaks volumes right there.
slickr392  +   917d ago
Carmack !
What a BITCH!
slugboss  +   916d ago
This is what all the graffiti in the game is going to look like on PC, if a modder has to individually paint each object themselves in order to make it look good.
svoulis  +   917d ago
Wow Carmack...putting the nail in the coffin yourself are you?
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