Blu-ray Attacks HD DVD on Web, TV

Home Media Magazine Top Story - November 19, 2007:

The Blu-ray camp has launched a viral advertising campaign for the format, with the launch of two YouTube spots, "The Coaster" and "The Junk Closet," both attacking competitor HD DVD.

Additionally,'s Scott Hettrick was featured on The Learning Channel and Women's Entertainment Network Nov. 16-18 on a "Designing Spaces" high-def holiday special featuring Blu-ray. Read the full article for more information.

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ddldave3596d ago


Blu-Ray Disc, full 1080p, 7.1 surround sound. B3yond the look and sound of perfect.

jujunogo3596d ago

I love these commercials this makes me wanna blu ray player but i already have a ps3!!

marinelife93596d ago

You can advertise your product truthfully and effectively without resorting to those types of slams of your competitor.

PS3PCFTW3596d ago

so when sony does it its wrong?

M$ has been doing it for years now..........but thats fine n dandy huh?

get over yoourself

drewdrakes3596d ago

I could understand if this was funny, but trying to get a guy with a voice like the cat Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch just isnt funny at all. Anyone else notice this? (This may traumatize small children, just kidding) :)

sanderFVCKINcohen3596d ago



???So how can these commercials make you wanna buy a Blu-ray???

BISHOP-BRASIL3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


Yes, they can, but then again, which would be the fun in this?

Anyway, I have a Toshiba HD-DVD and a PS3, never would think of it, my HD-DVD is just collecting dust now and I would not make such a stupid thing. If you don't want it, or even if the format fails, just sell it to some moron...

Really, it's like 3 months that I don't rent nothing for it... Not saying this is dead, anyway, since I don't have rented any BD also, I just have little time here this months and put this on games, just saying why it's just collecting dust now - I need vacation.

Edit: To be fair, where is BetaMAX, in big letters please, in that closet? :)

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romaink3596d ago

now that's kinda desperate.

cloud360-7th_account3596d ago

ha fuNny sarcasm...

dubbles fOr you T

The Brave 13596d ago

why is this desperate asshole

uxo223596d ago

Those were funny videos. But, seems like the BD camp are getting a bit scared. Why do this type of AD against a product that you have already claimed victory over.

Funny though. I like how they threw in the PS3 line..haha

Ri0tSquad3596d ago

Lmfao someone get that guy some tissues. Its too much for him.

Ri0tSquad3596d ago

Lmfao someone get that guy some tissues. Its too much for him.

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Loopy3596d ago

That is good.
HD-DVD is dead.

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