Man uses Wii calendar to catch cheating wife

A returned war veteran by the name of Tony (last name withheld) claims to have caught his lying wife by searching the play history of his Nintendo Wii. GamePro reports how it happened.

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paul_war3350d ago

Now thats funny, a bit stupid of the wife ...

ravinash3349d ago

had to deal with a similar thing but with can be an evil thing sometimes.

ravinash3349d ago

Whos going to get the Wii?

Charlie26883350d ago

Technology in the service of mankind :D

Next thin you know people will be using the PS3/PSP PS Eye spy camera method for the same thing XD

monkey6023350d ago

Introducing the PS-nanny cam! :D

PS3PCFTW3350d ago

ive made some nice vids of me and my girl.

Loopy3350d ago

Are those vids hot ?

MANTIIS3349d ago

Thanks to the improved remote play connectivity you can set your eye toy up and use your PSP from anywhere in the world to turn on your PS3 and see what's the hell's goin' on.

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Salvadore3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Why would one store private information on a console... Is he plain stupid?

Brainiac 83350d ago

She deserved to get thrown out.

Grim Visage3350d ago

so is this the real reason why wii's are selling out. not only are they cheap, but a realiable PI as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.