Ubisoft reveals Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Ubisoft has revealed a sequel to last year's Rainbow Six outing in Sin City, Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

The sequel (yes, it's still set in Las Vegas) will be hitting PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in March 2008, with a new single-player campaign and "some surprises" left over for versus and co-op modes. Other than that, Ubisoft is reluctant to reveal any more about the sequel.

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bluecapone4044d ago

had enough of ubisoft games already

lynx1halo4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Was it just me or did anyone else honestly think the PS3 version of Rainbow Six Vegas sucked huge AS$ CHEEKS???? I bought it and returned it the same day

@Blackfrican...i love the name LOL like theres any other kind of African LOL

Blackfrican4044d ago

I hope they ruin this game also by adding the "cover system" which gives you magic vision to see around walls.

codeazrael4043d ago

There are white and black Africans. You shouldnt have quit school after kindergarden..........shame.

Charlie26884044d ago

I liked the R6V I played a LOT of multiplayer in Live when apparently no one realized that you could actually select another map other than F-CKING Calypso >.>

But anyway I hope they make it longer, that would be the only real complain I had with the first...other than the ending that left me wanting to stab someone...I just hope in the sequel you are able to get your revenge >.<

Kleptic4044d ago

dude totally agree...I bought it for the PS3 as soon as it shipped...I liked it, but think it was a little overrated...the cover was cool, but other than that it really wasn't anything special...

but yeah...everyone playing calypso was absolutely terrible...there are so many maps and modes for this game...yet everyone just kept playing the same thing over and over...not only that they would just get the briefcase up by the chopper...and...nothing...just deathmatch until right before time was up (you couldn't return the case...which was increasingly ghey the more I played)...

I would host my own games...but it was always a hassle...very few people would join unless it was friends...and even then it was hard to get everyon organized...

sort of wish I didn't buy it...the single player was nothing memorable...just clear a room...move on...clear a room...move on...

hopefully the second game will really push things further...and have a far superior lobby system for online play...even then, I will definitely rent it first...

ddldave4044d ago

just hope they do better on the framerates and online on this game with the ps3 version than r6v on the ps3 version. and let's hope the online graphics isn't horrible. cod4 can make great online graphics and still be stable, why can't r6v?

Kleptic4044d ago

the online coding for Vegas 1 was chugged on the PS3 and 360 similarly...both versions had a lot of lag most of the time also, with absolutely horrible texture streaming (noticed this more than the framerate...both versions everytime you spawn it would take like 10 seconds for the correct high res textures to come in)...

I ended up playing the 360 version more with roommates just because no one bought it for the PS3...rooms would always close half way through, only calypso, etc....and the 360 version was honestly just as bad overall in my far as online games go, no matter which version you was far from smooth...

Capt CHAOS4044d ago

I only really found the nab-the-package one fun..

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The story is too old to be commented.