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Submitted by fr0sty 1575d ago | article

Herman Cain's 999 Tax Plan... Originally Seen in Sim City 4?

E-mpire writes: Ever wonder where the presidential candidate came up with his plan? Here's an idea... (EA, Industry, PC)

ATi_Elite  +   1575d ago
yeah but Cain also wants to eliminate Capitol Gains tax! Cap gains is how rich people get even richer by just investing money and only paying 10% tax on Cap Gains Profit where as someone working 9-5 would pay 25% on their income!

Most CEO's have low salaries like $1 or $20,000 and pay no taxes on that small amount but then they make millions from Stock and only pay 10% tax on that but then write off most of their expenses to business and get most of that 10% back!

crazy that he got that idea from the Sims
fr0sty  +   1575d ago
He used to be on the board of directors for the federal reserve, so I'm not surprised to see the top 1% being favored by the policies.

They contacted the guy who supposedly came up with the plan asking if that's where he drew his inspiration, he would not comment on it.
ATi_Elite  +   1575d ago
"Hey Mr. Smart guy how did you come up with the 999 plan"?

"Well my daughter was playing the Sims and I saw some golf clubs in the Sims store, I told her to buy them, then she told me about the tax and that's basically it".

"So you were inspired by a video game"?

"Inspired!!! Ha ha ha hecks NO!.....I just took their whole Ideal"!

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gapecanpie  +   1575d ago
Damn that pizza look good in that pic.
Lazy_Sunday  +   1575d ago
How the hell does your comment relate to video games in any way?

Oh, you put the Sims in there at the bottom, I see wut u did tharr...
feelintheflow  +   1575d ago
2009 IRS.Gov Top 10% of wage earners pay 73% of all U.S. Federal Income taxes. Bottom 40% pay 0 or get more back than they paid in. Check it out.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   1575d ago
The richest 1 percent of Americans now take home almost 24 percent of income, up from almost 9 percent in 1976. Do ya think this might also be something that should be mentioned? If you took EVERYTHING the bottom 50% of Americans have on this earth it would net the government about the same as simply reversing the bush tax cut for the rich. You also forgot to mention that the poor pay a much higher percentage of their income on OTHER taxes. Somehow a large portion of our country have been duped into schilling for the rich. Are you rich or just trying to help them out. Trust me, they are ok. We have been giving them tax cuts for 30 years so they could "trickle" our jobs to cheaper labor overses. Turn off Fox news. ...end rant...

PS I like games.
feelintheflow  +   1574d ago
P.S. don't watch Fox news. Back on topic. 40% pay zero.... what more do you want? 80% pay zero? How about 80% get 30k in tax rebates and we tax the top 20% of earners at 90%, would that be ok? How do poor pay more in other taxes??? Oh and I play games too. Right now if you taxed the top 5% at 100% it still would not pay our annual budget. TAx cuts.. NO, spending cuts, yesssssssss Thats what I want. NO I am not rich, I am comfortable, but I also was in teh 40% who took back more than I paid last year. Not my fault we have a broken tax code. How about Berkshire Hathaway pay the taxes they owe from last year instead of their main man saying lets tax people more. Just a thought.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   1574d ago
One example of other taxes is the tax we all pay for gas to go to work. About 17% of a gallon of gas is tax. Can you understand that that 17% is a much higher rate for someone making 20,000 per year than it is for someone making one million dollars per year. They both pay the same rate, but the poor guy is paying a much bigger portion of his income, in taxes for that same gallon of gas. This applies to everything except groceries.
feelintheflow  +   1574d ago
I get your point as far as portion of their money, but that is a consumption tax, I know plenty of people who try and drive as little as possible. And the rich person probably spends far more in consumption taxes than the poor. How poor are the poor here in America anyway, how many people do you know that you would consider poor, or struggling that have a cell phone, cable tv, a flat screen, smoke, drink. Sometimes its about choices. I know plenty of broke people in college, since i am in school again, that are on financial aid, food stamps, and other govt. aid, that have iphones, smoke, drink every weekend. More often or not poor people stay poor because of the choices they make. Generalization I know, but just take a look at the people around you. People don't have to have smart phones, they don't have to spend 5 bucks a pack on cigs, or drink booze. I grew up in a poor household after my dad left my mom, she worked 3 jobs, I have friends who won't work one bacause their govt. aid is more. That is the problem we have with the poor. I came out of a poor house, and am comfortable. IF i can do it, anyone can. IF one can make then anyone can.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   1574d ago
You are very right. There are allot of poor people that overspend and being poor in America is not the same as in other countries. Going back to your origional post, I just get tired of people calling out the poor. Increasing taxes on the poor will only create more poor people. And the curent trend is creating two classes (no middle class). The rich have all the say in washington. They generally get what they want. The bottom 50% of this country have 2.5% of the wealth. Like I said, we could take everything they own, and it wouldn't solve our problems. And, for every jackass who is gaming the system or whatever, there are many more hard working poor people and families who are doing everything right and still not making it. I'm just not going to look to those people to solve our countries financial mess (they can't solve it and the didn't make the mess).

Great discussion though. take care.
swishersweets20031  +   1575d ago
I hate hermain cain, keep this political douche off these game forums please.

Ron paul shout out :p
fr0sty  +   1575d ago
I too hate herman cain and also am all for Ron Paul. He's our only hope. However, this was just to funny to pass up. How many candidates do you know of that hinge their campaign on something stolen from a video game? Even funnier, he has been on national television saying his 999 plan cannot work.

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swishersweets20031  +   1575d ago
the only people saying those guys are leaders are the media and corperate douche bags and crooked repubs.. ron paul is the true front runner, because he has won at least what.. 5 straw polls to cains..1. romneys 1, perrys none, bachmans 1.

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mrmancs  +   1575d ago
the 666 plan...

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