Wii Virtual Console Year in Review has published their look back at the Virtual Console in the year since its release. Their overall feeling is that VC is doing generally well after a rocky start, but point out some flaws like the pricing scheme and lack of storage space on the Wii.

They also catch up on some reviews they missed over the year, and review this week's VC releases.

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propheta4039d ago

In an article such as this, the 1UP writer should only have selected the games, not express his personal opinions on them. I mean... since when is SONIC 3 not worthy? I dislike this critical approach to everything, even in such an innocent article such as "Wii Virtual Console - 1 year old". Give me a break!

Anyway it is a great occasion and the Virtual Console is a great service which, by the way, should be a little cheaper, doesn't everyone think so? Nintendo is so creative when it comes to designing games... they still seem pretty old fashioned to me when selling them!