Mo-cap Tech Bought for PS3 Exclusive by Quantic Dream

Acclaimed Fahrenheit developer Quantic Dream has bought the latest motion capture technology from Vicon for its top secret PlayStation 3 exclusive. The studio has already been installed at Quantic Dream, with the developer hard at work on four month's worth of motion capture for the Sony title.

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Genki3592d ago

whether mo-capped or drawn up. Procedural generation is the way to go if you ask me, it's infinitely more dynamic.

TriggerHappy3592d ago

Don't know jack about game development but if, buying the Mo-cap tech will make the game better then cool.

marinelife93592d ago

I thought Heavy Rain was coming out on both consoles?

Skerj3592d ago

Nah it's exclusive. I've recently found out that I've been spoiled by Heavenly Sword and now Uncharted in the acting/animation department. Assassins Creed's animation was awesome as well, but some of the acting left much to be desired. I'm hoping they use something like Endorphin from Natural Motion to blend the animations because while mocap can look good, it can also look very cheap if just tacked in.

bootsielon3592d ago

That doesn't mean it's better. You should never rely solely on algorithms, since they take valuable processing power, especially when you can simply do a mix of pre-generated animations and algorithms to simply interlap animations the way uncharted does.

marinelife93592d ago

The game looks fresh and different. I'm really looking forward to it.

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shodown193592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I dont know if most of you have played Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit), but Heavy Rain can be either a sleeper hit or a potential blockbuster title depending on how Sony markets this.

Indigo Prophecy was an excellent game with fresh and innovative concepts, but the game was clearly rushed and you can tell by the unspectactular ending. I would like to think that with Heavy Rain being exclusive to PS3, Sony will make Quantic Dream delay the game if need be to ensure that the game is good.

I for one am anticipating this game very much.

TriggerHappy3592d ago

Yeah I heard it was good but never really got to try it and also a lot of forum users who have actually played the game bear witness that, the game is pretty darn good.

MK_Red3592d ago

Good points but both Quantic Dream games so far (Farenheit / IP and Omikron: Nomad Soul) were classics and great games that failed commercially. I didn't finish the Farenheit but so far it was unbelievably great and Omikron was simply revolutionary with it's combination of open-world RPG + FPS + 3D Fighting + Adventure...

Hope Heavy Rain turns out to be both an innovative and revolutionary game as well as a bestselling blockbuster.

Skerj3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I just started playing Farenheit for the 3rd time, I completed it twice when it came out but it slept on my shelf since. This game really was a revolutionary step for adventure games but I must agree with the latter 3rd of the game being rushed. I have no idea why the story took such a route but the overall game was damned good and I'm loving it again as I play it now. I have nothing but high hopes for Heavy Rain and I'd like to see Quantic Dream revisit the Omikron world afterwards now that we have more capable gaming systems than before.

Salvadore3592d ago

Whatever happened with Xfire partnering with Sony to bring Xfire to PS3?

Neo-Delta3592d ago

They did with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, but that game was mediocre.

Neo-Delta3592d ago

The trailer or rather tech demo certainly looked good. Mo-Cap made the cutscenes in Heavenly Sword amazing, for how few that there were, I certainly hope this is longer then HS, lol. HS certainly set the standard for Mo-Cap but it can definately be improved on.

allforcalisto3592d ago

can't wait for even more info on this.

" Director David Cage noted that Heavy Rain "will be a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes", without any supernatural elements.

The game will feature a story that is interactively "bendable", similarly to Fahrenheit.[3] It's been told by the creators, that "the character control mechanism is an essential part in playing Heavy Rain", and is different from the system used in Fahrenheit. The player will be able to control different characters in the game"

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